I’ve been practicing in this courthouse for the last 26 years.  I’ve handled thousands of cases, including doing jury trials in every single courtroom in that courthouse.  I have a pretty good feel for how the prosecutors go about dealing with a criminal case.

The first thing that happens is somebody is typically investigated and a lot of times I will get on the case prior to any charges being filed so I can try to take some pre-emptory moves to try to avoid a criminal filing altogether.

That could include an investigation, talking to the police in charge of the investigation.  That can include me talking to the prosecutor on your behalf.

If you’ve already been arrested or your loved one has already been arrested and has a case that is going to be going to the Van Nuys criminal court, then your best bet is to come and sit down with me or I will go visit your loved one in custody and we will go over what the options are to defend the criminal case.

Case Reviewed By Filing Deputies

How Cases Are Being Prosecuted in Van Nuys Criminal Court

After an arrest, the case is sent to filing deputies whose sole job it is to review cases and decide whether charges should be filed.

When the police arrest somebody, the case will then be sent to the prosecutors.  The prosecutors in the Van Nuys courthouse have filing deputies whose sole job it is to look at cases that come in and decide whether or not those cases should be filed.

If they decide not to file the case, the case can be referred down from the District Attorney’s office who prosecutes felonies.

It could go down to the City Attorney’s office in Los Angeles who prosecute misdemeanors, or they can reject the case outright, in which case there will be no criminal case filed against you.

Sometimes people are mistaken.  They think that just because the police arrested them means that there’s a case filed against them.

In fact, the police do not have the authority to file a case in Van Nuys; only the prosecutors have that authority and a lot of times I will try to get to those prosecutors before they make that decision, provide them with mitigation information that might prevent a filing.

Arraignment in Van Nuys Court Department in 101/103

If your case ends up getting filed, then you will appear in court at the arraignment.  In Van Nuys, department 100 is the felony arraignment court and dependent 101 and 103 are the two misdemeanor arraignment courts in Van Nuys.

I have pretty good familiarity with the judges and the prosecutors in the Van Nuys courthouse and I think that’s crucial when it comes to defending a case.

I know how to mitigating a case, negotiating a case in the Van Nuys courthouse, because you obviously, want to end up with the best result for your case.  You want to try to avoid a conviction and/or jail time.

Posting Bail or Own Recognizance Release

Posting Bail or Own Recognizance Release

At the moment, Van Nuys courts are giving a lot OR releases without posting money to remain out of custody because of the Coronavirus.

After the arraignment, a bail is set.  If you’ve already posted a bail, you’ll probably end up in a position where you remain out of custody while your case is pending, or your attorney can argue for what’s called an ROR which is where you’re released on your own recognizance.

Right now in the Van Nuys courthouse they are giving a lot OR releases where people don’t have to pay any money to remain out of custody because of the Coronavirus.

So, I’ve been very successful in keeping people out of custody so they can fight their case from the outside.

Case Assigned to a Courtroom

Your case will be assigned from a courtroom after the arraignment and then your attorney will be provided with whatever evidence there is against you. A lot of times I like to give my client the evidence so they can look at it.  I will look at it.

I will speak to the prosecutor to see what their point of view is on the case and then we’ll sit down and get our strategy together.

One of the first things we’re going to decide if you have a case in the Van Nuys court is, whether or not the case will be fought or negotiated. These are pretty much the two roads that we go down.

Of course, I’m always trying to get cases dismissed that are filed, but if they can’t be dismissed because the government has the evidence to prove it.

Call us to Review All Your Legal Options

Call the Hedding Law Firm to Review All Your Legal Options

Contact the Hedding Law Firm to review the details of your case.

If the case is serious enough that they’re not just going to dismiss it, then we have to look at all options for you, and that’s where somebody who has a lot of experience with the Van Nuys courthouse.

This means the players within the court — the judges, the prosecutors, the court staff — is going to be essential for  your best defense in the Van Nuys courthouse.

So, if you’ve got a case there, pick up the phone.  Let’s go over the facts of your case, because not all cases are treated the same; not all results are the same.

But if you want to get the best result, you’ve got to get somebody who has the inside track who knows how to handle a case in the Van Nuys criminal court.

Make an appointment right away.  Sit down with Ronald D. Hedding and I will do everything I can to help you.

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