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I’ve been practicing now in the Van Nuys courthouse for over 25 years, handled hundreds of criminal cases there and I have a pretty good feel for the time frame of most cases.  Once I sit down with the client and get all the information related to the case, I can usually give you a pretty good idea of how long the case will take to resolve itself.

Misdemeanor Cases and the 90-Day Rule

For misdemeanor cases, Van Nuys has a 90-day rule, meaning 90 days from the date of the case being filed the judges are going to be pushing for the case to be resolved one way or another.

In other words, either take the case to trial or if you don’t want to take the case to trial, then you need to negotiate a resolution with the prosecutor or convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case.

So, as far as misdemeanors go, if you’ve got a misdemeanor case there and you have an attorney that knows what they’re doing, your case will probably be resolved within 30 to 90 days, depending on what type of investigation is necessary to properly defend the case.

Felony Cases Are Normally Resolved Within 6 Months

As far as a felony goes and as far as the timing on that, usually the courts want to get these cases resolved within six months in my experience.  Sometimes you can get cases resolved much faster than six months. How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Criminal Case in Van Nuys Court?

In fact, I would say cases will usually be resolved within two to three months of a felony filing in general in the Van Nuys court.  But I have seen cases take much longer.  It also depends on how serious the crime is.

If it’s a real serious case — murder, attempted murder, arson, burglary, rape — that will probably take longer — probably somewhere between six months to a year to resolve itself.

The reality is, a good criminal defense attorney is going to figure out how much time they need to properly investigate the case, to litigate the case.

That’s another issue.  If you’re trying to negotiate a plea deal, that’s going to make the case take a much shorter period of time.

Criminal Trials Take Much Longer

On the flip side, if you’re going to fight the case and take it to trial, it’s probably going to take a much longer period of time to flush out all of the issues, file whatever motions are necessary, do the preliminary hearing in the case and ultimately do the trial in the case.

As you can see, there’s a lot of different factors that go into play as far as how quick you can resolve a Van Nuys court criminal case, but I’ve kind of given you a pretty good thumbnail sketch as to what you’re looking at in terms of realistic time frames.

Once I meet with the client, I could probably give a much clearer assessment of the time frame that a particular person might be looking at when they are assessing how long it’s going to take to resolve their criminal case.

So, if you have a case I the Van Nuys court, I urge to pick up the phone.  Give me a call.  My office is probably about five minutes from the courthouses and that’s one of the main courthouses that I go to and I have a pretty good feel for how cases are dealt with, the tendencies of the prosecutors and judges and what it’s going to take to be successful in your particular case.

How Cases Are Being Prosecuted in Van Nuys Criminal Court

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