Voluntary Manslaughter Law - Penal Code 192(a)


I have handled many voluntary manslaughter cases under California Penal Code Section 192(a) over the past two decades.  However, it's rare to see a lawsuit filed as voluntary manslaughter. Typically, the case is usually filed as a first or second-degree murder, and the criminal defense lawyer is attempting to get a voluntary manslaughter charge because it's clear that the person killed the person, but it was justified in some way.

To be successful for a voluntary manslaughter conviction over a murder conviction,  you must have the facts that support manslaughter. Also, the defense lawyer will need evidence and witnesses. The argument is that you were provoked, and the killing was an act of a heat of passion.

Heat of Passion Defense Strategy

It is possible to be provoked to kill someone else, but it's a heat of passion moment and claiming a voluntary manslaughter defense. Suppose the facts of your case support a voluntary manslaughter defense in a San Fernando Valley court. In that case, you will need an experienced defense lawyer who has been in this situation before, has had success with this type of defense, knows how to make this argument, and understands how to investigate the case and get the necessary to succeed.

There are cases where someone's initially charged with voluntary manslaughter and other crimes along with it. In your case, your defense lawyer will have to be able to show the killing was justified, and there could use other defenses, including self-defense. There are, of course, different reasons, such as I'm not the perpetrator, I'm didn't kill them. The prosecutor must have the evidence to prove you guilty of the crime. However, having a criminal defense attorney who knows how to fight these cases and challenge a prosecutor's evidence is critical to your success.

You have much at stake, and better have a defense lawyer that can win a voluntary manslaughter case. If convicted, you could be facing up to 11 years in a California state prison, and other enhancements and other charges can be added, making your sentence even higher.

PC 192(a) Voluntary Manslaughter Case Review

What we need to do first is to come to sit down in my office and let's go over all the details of what happened. You need to be honest and provide me with all the specific information and don't leave out any information or attempt to put a spin on things. I mean, tell me what happened, get into the details, and we can then figure out whether you have a chance to win the case. If you can, we will start planning a defense strategy, including an investigation plan, interview the witnesses, and obtain the evidence we will need to win.

On the flip side, there are cases where guilt is not in doubt, and the case should not go to trial because you would probably lose and be facing a long sentence. If this is your situation, let's go over the details and work things out. An excellent criminal defense lawyer will know the difference between a voluntary manslaughter case that can be won and cases that can't be beaten.

If your case can't be won and should never go to trial, you don't need to pay a lawyer to take the case to trial. The approach should resolve the issue with the best possible outcome goal. This means a plea bargain, and your attorney needs to be a skilled negotiator who has dealt with these types of plea deals before.

Our criminal defense lawyers at the Hedding Law Firm have handled many voluntary manslaughter cases with favorable results. We fight aggressively for our clients and will guarantee dedication and competent representation. We have over 75 years of combined experience and unmatched credentials.

If you face voluntary manslaughter charges, you should contact our law firm to closely review the details and start creating a plan to protect your rights and freedom. There are many legal defenses for voluntary manslaughter charges. Call us for a free case evaluation.