How Can An Effective Cross-Examination Impact a Criminal Case?

In felony cases, the accused is entitled to a preliminary hearing during the criminal case process. This is an opportunity for a skilled defense attorney to damage the prosecution's case and set their client up for success. If the witnesses can be effectively cross-examined, this will sometimes lead to a case resolution or even an outright dismissal.

Most of the time, police reports that takedown witnesses' statements are often written in a slanted fashion against the defendant. By skillfully cross-examining a key witness, the defense attorney can usually get to the bottom of what happened.

The key is to figure out the issues in the case through discussions with the client, investigation, and knowledge gained through years of experience. Then, the ability to exploit the weaknesses in the prosecution's case through questioning the key witnesses is a skill that a successful criminal defense attorney must possess.

If you have a criminal case pending and you believe some issues are not being taken into account, I encourage you to come in and sit down to discuss the case, and we can then take the first steps towards a successful resolution.

Learn How the Best Cross Examiners Can Win a Case at Trial

During a criminal trial, the prosecution's case relies on the credibility of the witnesses they call to testify. The only chance the defense has to ask questions and attack the prosecutor's case is through the art of cross-examination. If the defense attorney can show that the witnesses the prosecutor calls are not credible or lied about crucial evidence in the case, then the stage is set for a not guilty verdict.

As I cross-examine each of the prosecutor's witnesses during a jury trial, I make a note each time they make inconsistent statements, are caught lying or exaggerating about the facts of the case, and when they acknowledge a point that helps support the defense.

If the defense attorney cannot effectively cross-examine the main witness in the criminal case, then the defense is destined for failure, and the defendant will be convicted and face jail or prison time. This is why I sit down with my client before the trial starts, and we agree on the areas I will attack the witness many times. My client will testify on the defense side to bolster some of the damage we have done to the prosecution's cases throughout the trial.

Cross-Examination Can Impact Opinions in a Criminal Case

Through cross-examination, our defense attorneys have the power to impact the opinions of the judge and jury. Cross-examination is the questioning of an opponent's witness at a trial or a hearing such as a preliminary hearing. It is an essential part of the trial because it can impact the opinions of the judge and jury.

Our criminal lawyers use cross-examination to discredit what the prosecution witness brings to the table. We gather our evidence and our witnesses, whose primary goal is to get you the best possible results. We are aggressive, persistent, and think quickly on our feet, which is essential for questioning. We are attentive and focused. We care for our clients.

We have had many years of experience and have been successful in many jury trials. We learned and now know that adequate cross-examination wins trials, and that is our mission for our clients – to win! Call the Hedding Law Firm to review your case. If you face a pending criminal charge, do not waste any time and contact us for a free case evaluation.