Los Angeles Firearm Offense Defense Lawyer

It is essential to know how to proceed if you are charged with a weapon or firearm because many rights can be lost and not recovered in these cases. The first right you should be concerned about losing relates to your right to have a gun for the probationary period or the rest of your life.

Many of you probably realize that one of the big things that the authorities love to do if you commit an offense involving a gun is to ban you from ever owning, using, or possessing a firearm again. Your best strategy in this scenario is to make sure that you hire a criminal attorney familiar with the courthouse your case is pending and courthouse your case is pending and on how to defend firearm-related offenses properly.

One deciding factor in these cases is whether the subject weapon was used dangerously. The prosecutor and judge are concerned that you be a danger to public safety in the future. I have noticed that the prosecutors are deathly afraid of giving someone a break related to a weapon case and then having it come back to haunt them in the form of a new offense that seriously impacts another person's life. They hate that, and they look to cover themselves from any future issues.

So the way to try and counter this is to show them that your actions were an aberration that will never happen again. We must show them that you made a mistake and that you are not someone they should have to worry about in the future. This can be done by focusing on the facts of the particular case and showing why you are not dangerous to the community at large. Another powerful way to show them who you are is through people you know and who have come in contact with you.

This is done through character letters from people who know you and are close to you and through your boss at your job or upstanding community members who can vouch for you and your character and future dangerousness to the community.

Illegal Assault Rifle Defense  

Suppose you are charged with possessing an illegal assault rifle under California Penal Code 30605. In that case, I invite you to meet with me, and we can discuss whether you have a defense to this weapons offense based on the facts of your particular case.

I have handled many of these cases and know what it takes to defend them and when it is time to negotiate a deal. These cases must be taken seriously because they are very political cases. If the judge and prosecutor feel you are up to no good, they will be looking to send you to prison for a significant period. The policy behind assault rifle restrictions seems to protect law enforcement from those who would use an assault rifle against them in the commission of a crime and have an advantage over them.

Also, the authorities are trying to protect the general public from the firepower these weapons carry and their ability to deliver massive firepower quickly. Suppose the pin to the assault rifle is removed, and you have the ability to rapid-fire a lot of bullets in a short amount of time. In that case, you fall right within what the legislature was trying to avoid when they passed legislation in this area, and the prosecutors and the judges will be zeroed in on this issue.

Felon in Possession of a Firearm in California

Some people can not have a firearm or are charged with a firearm offense under California Penal Code 29800. Suppose you are a felon, a person convicted of certain misdemeanor offenses, a person addicted to narcotics, a person who has a mental illness, or a person who is a minor, and you have a firearm. In that case, you will be charged with a crime.

There are numerous California gun laws, and each California gun law carries its penalties. Some are charged as misdemeanors, some as felonies, and some are considered wobblers, which may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances. Our Attorneys are not only aggressive but also skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the area of criminal defense. We guarantee effective representation if you choose to hire us as your criminal defense attorney.

Penalties for a Firearm Offense 

Factors considered by judges to determine the penalty to impose whether the offense charges is being charged as a misdemeanor or a felony; the type of firearm that was used; criminal history f defendant; and whether the firearm offense subjects the defendant to any California firearm sentencing enhancements (which can add anywhere between 1 to 10 years in prison in addition to sentence received for an underlying felony).

Any felony that uses a firearm will be considered a strike under the California Three Strikes Law. We understand these are serious charges, and as your defense lawyer, we will do everything we can to get you the best possible results. If you face a firearm offense in California, contact us immediately and set up a free consultation.