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I have been defending weapons cases for 25 years and have seen many good citizens unfairly or too harshly prosecuted related to a weapons charge in Los Angeles. One of the keys to turning the tide in your favor is to have your attorney show your side of the story and make it clear to the prosecutor and judge that you are not a dangerous person.

Because weapons have become so politically charged, prosecutors and judges are always concerned that someone who has a weapon is either a gang member or positioning themselves to commit a more serious crime.

However, if you have good and experienced weapons charge defense lawyer by your side, you will not have to worry what the judge and prosecutor think about your case. An experienced Los Angeles, CA weapons charge defense attorney knows exactly how to protect their clients.

If we can show the prosecutor and judge that you are not a dangerous person and you either made a mistake or have a legitimate reason for possessing a gun, then we put you in a position to resolve your matter with the most favorable outcome.

Our gun crime attorney has helped numerous individuals facing such charges. People with jobs, family and accomplishments in their life do not deserve some of the harsh consequences that come with a gun case.

It is a crucial first step that you find a local attorney that knows how to fight the right way for their client’s reputation, rights and freedom when so many important things are on the line. For that, you can call our office and talk with our weapons charge defense lawyer in Los Angeles County.

General Information:

Because weapons charges are politically charged offenses you need a criminal defense law firm that is familiar with the system your case is filed in (we are well known and respected in Van Nuys Court, San Fernando Court, Sylmar Court and all Courts in Los Angeles County).

We are attorneys in the San Fernando Valley and we represent those accused of weapons charges. I urge you to call our firm at (213) 542-0940 and set up a free face to face consultation with our San Fernando weapons charges attorney. We will assist you in designing a plan to protect your rights and freedom.


Believe it or not one of the best attacks I use on the prosecutor’s case is to know the law better than they do. Many of the weapon cases I have handled over the course of the past twenty five years have been dealt with to my client’s advantage because the police either did not understand the law as it relates to my client’s situation or have made a mistake related to the type of weapon my client possessed.

Other times law enforcement has made a huge case out of a situation that has been over blown and once I show the prosecutor what is really going on I am able to resolve the matter in a fair way. As a weapons charge defense Lawyer, I am now very experienced in handling such cases.

As long as the possession of the gun is not to commit a robbery or some type of gang activity, we always have a chance to mitigate the situation and come up with a resolution that takes into account my client’s rights. The police and prosecutor are mainly concerned about weapons being used against them or some poor innocent person.

This is where we have to show them that you were not involved in the type of usual behavior the harshest gun laws were meant to deal with.

Character letters, a good job and letters from family and friends always breath a positive life into the situation. The judge and prosecutors can then see they are dealing with a good person who they should give a break and a chance to show they will not become involved in a situation like this again.

We will work as a team to paint a picture for the judge and prosecutor that sees you in the best possible light. When you hire our Los Angeles, CA weapons charge defense attorney, you will know that you are in the right hands.


A weapon offense is a criminal act involving the illegal possession, use, or sale of a weapon(s). In the state of California, the following weapons may be considered illegal: firearms (guns), knives, brass knuckles, pepper spray, switchblades, and explosive devices. Of all the weapons mentioned, firearms are the most lethal, and are therefore subjected to stricter legislation.

California Firearms Legislation

When it comes to gun control and firearms legislation, California has some of the most rigorous laws, which are outlined below:

  • In California, it is illegal to sell firearms that have military features, like an AK47.
  • Any person who purchases a firearm must fill out and submit a California Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) and also attend safety training courses.
  • Any person who purchases a firearm must go through a licensed dealer.
  • Before a person can legally purchase a firearm, he/she must go submit to a background check and a 10 day waiting period.
  • According to California’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) law, leaving a firearm accessible to a child below the age of 14 is a felony.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been charged with a weapons offense such as: illegal sale of a weapon, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a concealed weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, or a violent crime involving the use of a weapon, you need to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney.

If you are convicted of weapon charges, you may have to spend time in jail, pay fines, or be placed on probation. Additionally, you may lose your right to own a weapon in the future. By hiring a knowledgeable attorney, you will ensure that you receive the best legal representation possible.

The Hedding Law Firm has helped numerous clients who have been charged with weapon offenses. We are skilled criminal defense attorneys who are committed to protecting our clients’ best interests.

If you are facing weapon charges, and you want leading legal counsel, call the Hedding Law Firm today to talk with a Van Nuys, CA gun crime attorney.