The San Fernando Valley has a lot of different gangs and the police are out in force attempting to arrest and convict those individuals who are involved with gangs and who are committing crimes at the instruction or benefit of a criminal street gang.

The language you’re looking at in trying to evaluate whether somebody can get convicted is what I would characterize as a gang enhancement, and that’s pursuant to California Penal Code 186.22.

It basically says that every person that actively participates in any criminal street gang with knowledge that the members engaged in or have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity and who willfully promotes, furthers or assists in any felonious criminal conduct of those members is guilty of the Penal Code Section 186.22. See related CALCRIM 1401 – Felony Committed for Benefit of Criminal Street Gang.

Pattern of Criminal Gang Activity

When they talk about pattern of criminal gang activity that means someone who is committing or soliciting someone to commit certain crimes for the benefit of a criminal street gang.

This is a pretty serious crime.  It is really meant to sting gangs where it hurts and put gang members who are involved in gang activity away for many years.  So, in a lot of these cases, they end up packing on 10 years in prison at 85% to the back of somebody’s sentence. Gang Enhancement in California - Penal Code 186.22

That’s why a lot of these gang members are facing so much time or serving so much time if they end up getting convicted of a crime and then have to sustain a gang allegation.

Now a lot of defendants think that the defense to this is that they’re not in the gang and they can’t prove I’m in the gang.  Of course, the police are ready for this.  They’ve got what they call FI cards where they come in contact with a person out in the field.

They do a little card on them and they get a little information about them and their gang and they’ll use that to prove that they’re gang members.  They’ll also use a person’s  tattoos to prove that they’re a gang member, and of course, any crimes they committed in the past that benefit the  gang.  They’ll try to use that as well.

The reality is, you don’t have to be a gang member to get hit with this gang enhancement believe it or not.  All you have to do is be associated with the gang and doing stuff that helps the gang and that will be enough to get you.

Fighting Criminal Street Gang Allegations

If they can’t prove that a person was jumped into the gang, has gang tattoos but they can prove that the person is friendly with gang members, hangs out with gang members and committed a crime with other gang members for the benefit of a gang, then they’re going to have a much stronger argument that a particular person is committing the crimes for the benefit of the gang.

One area that we can try to defend some of these gang allegations is sometimes people commit crimes to benefit themselves and they just happen to be a gang member at the same time.

So, this argument can sometimes win the day under the right circumstances.  The crimes that benefit gangs are when you’re shooting other gang members.  Those are probably the best example where prosecutors can prove that somebody’s committing a crime for the benefit of the gang because they’re going after other gang members.

It shows their strength, their power and it also deters the other gang from doing anything to them.  So, this definitely makes more sense then somebody goes in and robs a liquor store because they need money or they need drugs, trying to argue somehow this benefit is for the benefit of a street gang to me is a much more difficult nebulous argument.

So, if you or a loved one has a gang allegation attached to the back of their crime, pick up the phone, make the call and I will put my 26 years of experience to work for you.

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