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This is a tiny neighborhood courthouse, and it is essential that if you want the best result, you have an attorney on your side who knows the court system in Glendale. This includes having success with the judges and prosecutors in Glendale.

Courthouse Information:
Glendale Courthouse
600 East Broadway
Glendale, CA 91206
(818) 265-6400
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Because the District Attorney's Office shifts people around every year or so, I see a lot of younger prosecutors in Glendale and sometimes some DA's who I have seen around the Los Angeles court system for years.

The key to my success for my clients is to know the facts of the case cold, see the law that applies to my case, and know the people I am dealing with so that I know when to press and when to take a step back evaluate. Criminal defense is an art form, and the more you do it, the better you get as a defense attorney, in my experience.

In addition, not every case is the same, and I like to sit down with my clients from the beginning and map out a winning strategy. Once we know what we must have, we can put the pieces in place to achieve our goal.

I expect my clients to help me be successful in their case by being open and honest with me and doing the things that we agree they will be responsible for. Once we have our plan in place, I will set about executing it and making sure that I do everything humanly possible to obtain the best possible outcome.

It is more than just defending the case sometimes; it shows the judge and prosecutor they are dealing with a good person who has a family and a future, and this aberration should not ruin their lives!

Defending Criminal Cases in Glendale, CA

Our law firm has handled thousands of criminal matters occurring in the San Fernando Valley over the years. If you are facing a crime in Glendale, please contact us immediately, and you can schedule a free face-to-face consultation. We will begin the process of resolving your criminal matter. My credentials are unmatched, and I am well known in the local courts throughout the San Fernando Valley.

In Glendale, criminal offenses such as theft crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, juvenile crimes, and white collar crimes are all prosecuted to the fullest extent by California District Attorneys.

The Firm has handled countless criminal cases for clients. Our criminal defense lawyers understand the many complications our clients face after being charged with a crime. We do whatever we can for our clients to get the best possible results.

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