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The most obvious answer is to hire an attorney familiar with these types of offenses who has had success in defending and negotiating them. Because prosecutors and judges take these types of crimes so seriously, you must have a strategy based on your particular set of circumstances and facts situation. The biggest challenge that I have seen as a defense attorney dealing with these cases for the past 25 years is that the prosecutors will argue that the defendant was in a position of trust and betrayed that trust in committing the crime.

Hence, that is usually where we have to develop a strategy around explaining the behavior and what we will do to make it right. In addition to showing that the client has a life story that is not just the crime they are being charged with, we must show that the client can make things right for the victim, and that this behavior is an aberration that will not occur again. All this can be proven if you have an experienced white-collar crime lawyer by your side.

One key thing that can swing things in our favor is to pay back the victim of the theft. The prosecutors consider it their number one job to make the victim whole when resolving a white-collar offense. This is commonly known as restitution.

The adage that money talks could not be more accurate when dealing with an employee who has taken money from their own company. Prosecutors and judges feel for these victims because they realize the damage caused when significant sums of money are taken from unsuspecting people who rely on their employees to help them. Only a San Fernando Valley criminal defense lawyer can ensure justice is served in such cases.

The Laws Related to White-Collar Defense

For the prosecutors and judges to put a particular case in the realm of a white-collar offense, it has been my experience as a defense lawyer in Van Nuys, CA, that the employee must be a high-ranking employee in the business and has taken a significant amount of funds. The more money was born, the more sophisticated the crime, the more likely the federal government would become involved in the prosecution. If the feds are involved, that ups the stakes for the particular defendant.

All kinds of enhancements can be added to the charges, and any prison time is served at eighty-five percent. Federal crimes carry harsher penalties and require the services of an experienced and qualified criminal defense lawyer. A white-collar crime is a criminal act that occurs within a business, corporate, or company setting.

These crimes tend to involve the theft of large sums of money and are committed by people within prominent positions. Commonly committed white-collar crimes include embezzlement, money laundering, forgery, bribery, internet crimes, insider trading, RICO, tax evasion, fraud, extortion, and blackmail. All these are serious charges that should not be taken lightly. 

When convicted of a white-collar crime, they may be punished with time in jail, fines, restitution, community service, and probation. The length and severity will depend upon the offense the offender committed, the amount of money involved with the crime the offender committed, if the offender has a prior criminal record, and if the offender has prior white-collar crime convictions.

In a prior criminal record, the repeat offense will carry harsher penalties. However, there is no reason to lose hope. Getting help from our lawyers can result in the charges being reduced significantly. White-collar crimes cost the United States Government millions of dollars annually. For this reason, crimes of this nature are always heavily investigated and vigorously prosecuted.

White-collar crimes also tend to generate a great deal of interest from the media, which can quickly become invasive to the privacy and rights of the person being charged or convicted. If you have been set, it is to your benefit to speak with a talented defense attorney.

Retain A Criminal Lawyer 

You will need consistent, reliable legal representation throughout investigations and in and out of court. You can call our office to speak with our criminal defense lawyers at the Hedding Law Firm. We have represented many clients who have been charged with white-collar crimes. As knowledgeable attorneys, we know that these charges must always be taken seriously. When we work with our clients, we do everything to provide them with the best legal resources, representation, and guidance.

If you have been charged with a white-collar crime, call us at (213) 542-0940 today to speak with our attorneys. Our skilled legal team will investigate the facts surrounding your case, contest evidence presented against you, and place every effort into your defense. We are dedicated to our clients and their cases.

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