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When someone is charged with a violent felony in one of the San Fernando Valley courthouses, they are usually going to be prosecuted by the best prosecutors and they will be subject to the most serious punishment available to the judge who is presiding over the case.

The only way to turn the tide on a bad outcome is to either win the case in a jury trial or convince the prosecutor and judge that this particular case is outside the scope of how a violent felony should be viewed. However, this can only be achieved with an experienced violent crimes defense attorney in Encino, CA by your side.

As you might guess, the prosecutors and judges are looking to protect the public at large from people who commit violent acts. They live in the community just like all of us and are very concerned that people who hurt other people are not permitted to continue to do so.

Therefore they are looking to dole out punishment that either deters a violent person from committing more crimes or takes them off the street for so long that they are no longer a threat to anyone.

Many people charged with a violent crime in California are not at all aware of their rights. They also are not familiar with the fact that they can hire a San Fernando Valley criminal defense lawyer to protect their rights and have the charges reduced or dismissed.


In the past twenty five years of convincing judges and prosecutors that my clients do not deserve to go to prison for a long period of time, I have noticed a number of factors that they look at when deciding what to do with someone who has committed a violent felony.

First, they will look at the person’s prior criminal record and gang activity. The more of a record they have, the more likely they are to come down hard on them. Those individuals defined as career offenders are the ones that judges love to send to prison for years.

If someone is young and it is their first offense, of course they will consider this in the big scheme of things. However, if the crime is particularly serious or dangerous, then they will just skip over the fact that the person is a young offender. However, if you have an experienced defense attorney in Van Nuys, CA by your side, you can be sure that your rights will be protected at all times.

Another big thing that the prosecutors will consider is if I can give them a game plan moving forward that convinces them that my client will clean up his or her act and not come before them again. I have seen that this strategy actually works. The more assurances I can give the prosecutor and judge that my client is remorseful and learned their lesson, the more likely I will be to achieve the result that is necessary.

Having a job and character references to show you are a solid citizen is also something that the powers will consider. I cannot tell you how many times the head prosecutors of many courthouse say to me, “Why did your client do this and how do I know they will not do it again.” As an experienced defense attorney in San Fernando Valley, I can answer these and similar questions with confidence.


Most violent felonies are considered strikes and the offender will have to serve 85% of the jail or prison time they receive.

Also, the Sheriffs Department will usually not let those inmates serving a sentence for a violent felony go early. These are the offenders that are the last to get out of custody. Hence, it is important as a criminal defense attorney to convince the prosecutor and judge to let your client plead to something other than a violent felony.

Even if my client is facing a very severe charge, I will talk with the prosecutor and judge to make them plead to some other charge, rather than a violent felony charge. This makes me more confident and experienced as defense attorney in the San Fernando Valley.

A violent crime is a criminal offense in which a person uses force, threats, or violence upon another person. People who commit violent crimes may or may not use a weapon to coerce or intimidate their victims.

If a person uses a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, they  may be subject to enhanced criminal charges and sentencing. Common violent crimes include: sexual assault, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, domestic violence, murder, and carjacking. No matter which of these charges you are facing, talk with our criminal defense lawyers to have the charge reduced.

General Information:

When a person is convicted of a violent crime, they may be punished with time in jail, fines, restitution, community service, probation, and court ordered counseling. The length and severity will depend upon the crime the offender committed, if the offender has a prior criminal record, if the offender has prior violent crime convictions, and if the offender used a weapon. As an experienced  defense attorney in the San Fernando Valley, I will also make sure that the severity of the punishments is reduced.

Violent crimes pose a great threat to society. For this reason, any person who is charged with a violent crime will be aggressively prosecuted by law enforcement and prosecutors. If you have been charged with a violent crime, it is in your best interest to consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney.

We can work with you from the beginning of your case and advise you throughout the legal process. An attorney may also be able to negotiate with prosecutors to have your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

Types of Violent Crime Cases We Handle in San Fernando Valley

We have represented many clients throughout San Fernando who have been charged with violent crimes. We know that violent crime charges must always be taken seriously. When we work with our clients, we do everything we can to provide them with the best legal resources, representation, and guidance.

If you have been charged with a violent crime, call the Hedding Law Firm at (213) 542-0940 today to review your case. Our skilled legal team will investigate the facts surrounding your case, contest evidence presented against you, and place every effort into your defense. We are dedicated to our clients and their cases.