I’ve handled many attempted murder cases in the Van Nuys court and believe it or not, attempted murder, under California Penal Code 664/187, is one of the most difficult cases for the Van Nuys prosecutors to prove.

The problem from their perspective is they have to prove whatever the criminal defendant did, they had the intent to kill the other person. Obviously, if some is charged with attempted murder in the Van Nuys court, then the person survives, so a lot of times the individual who did whatever they did to the alleged victim broke off their attack.

If they broke off their attack, there’s a good argument that they never intended to kill them. So, it really just depends on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.

Using a Deadly Weapon in Attempted Murder Case

If you fire a weapon at somebody in an attempt to kill them, obviously that makes it fairly easy for the prosecutors to prove the case, and unless you can assert some sort of a defense.

The person fired a weapon at you first for example, or attacked you with a knife or some other deadly weapon – or there are some other circumstances surrounding what happened, or maybe the defense is you’re not the one that actually fired the weapon.

So again, these attempted murder cases come in all forms, sizes and shapes, and having defended them for the last twenty-five years in the Van Nuys court, I have a pretty good feel for how to handle each case.

But like I said earlier, each case has its own set of facts and circumstances, and when we try to make the decision as to exactly how we’re going to defend an attempted murder charge in the Van Nuys court system, we really need to put in the work and the time and the investigation to make sure we do everything we possibly can to make sure the defendant, in that case, gets the very best defense.

The jury pools that listen to these attempted murder cases are very conservative. They come from Saugus, Valencia, Canyon Country, so you’re going to get an older population that is going to be very tough on crime.

So, before you make a decision to take a case to trial in an attempted murder charge in the Van Nuys court, obviously you want to sit down and have a thorough discussion with a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has handled attempted murder cases in the Van Nuys court system before.

Reviewing All The Evidence by Experience Defense Lawyer

What I have you do is come in. We sit down and go over all the facts and details. If you’re doing it for a loved one, I can talk to you about it, get all the information from you and then I will go visit your loved one in the county jail and talk to them about it.

Usually now in San Fernando Valley – and particularly in Van Nuys – in these attempted murder cases, the bail is at least a million dollars, so a lot of times people cannot bail out on these cases. But one thing I see a lot of times is the police do not do a full defense investigation when they look into these attempted murder charges in the Van Nuys court.

So, it’s up to your criminal defense attorney to get an investigator, talk to the defendant, look over all the paperwork, videos, evidence, DNA – whatever they have – and do our own defense investigation in order to do everything we possibly can to protect you from a fifteen to life sentence of more, because that’s what an attempted murder charge in the Van Nuys court carries if you’re convicted by a jury.

A lot of times what we do if they do have evidence that you attempted to kill somebody, but there are mitigating circumstances surrounding it, then what we’ll do is enter into plea discussions with the prosecutors in Van Nuys.

We’ll give them all the mitigating activity related to you. We’ll put together a mitigation package related to the attempted murder charge. We’ll give them your side of the story which a lot of times they don’t have because the police don’t really do a full investigation.

Once we do that, we’ll also give them any character letters that are appropriate. We’ll give them any mitigating evidence and circumstances surrounding what happened.

Once we do that, then we’ll be in a position to sit down and negotiate with the prosecutor who is assigned to the case or go to that Van Nuys prosecutor’s boss and talk to them about a charge other than an attempted murder charge – something less serious – something that doesn’t come with that fifteen to life sentence so you can get out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

The prosecutors will put their best team of experts on the case – the best homicide detectives, the best top-level four or five grade prosecutors on the case when they handle these types of cases.

So, it’s important that you have a defense attorney who knows how to fight these cases, knows how to deal with the judge, the prosecutors and the jury system, because an attempted murder charge is one of the highest charges known to man, and if you don’t have the best defense then you’re not going to end up with a result that you can survive. Getting fifteen to life is obviously something nobody wants to get.

Retain a San Fernando Valley Criminal Lawyer

So, if you or a loved one has an attempted murder case pending in the Van Nuys court, make the call now. We’ll sit down and go over everything and you’ll leave the meeting with a peace of mind and you’ll start to gain control back of the case and get a target for exactly strategically how your Van Nuys attempted murder case is going to be handled moving forward.

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