San Fernando Valley Assault on a Police Officer Lawyer


As you might guess the prosecutors in all of the San Fernando Valley Courthouses are friendly with the police and work hand in hand with them on a daily basis. Hence, they are quite harsh on those individuals who do anything criminal towards the police. Assaulting a police officer is covered under California Penal Code 241(c).

On the other hand, over 25 years of practicing criminal defense I have seen the police trump up charges on people in order to not get in trouble for losing their temper and acting in an unlawful manner.

This situation where the police have gone too far in their actions, is one that is ripe for them trying to claim it was the citizens fault because they committed an assault or battery upon them.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer

This is where you must have a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has litigated assault cases involving police before and who can stand up to the prosecutors and judges, when they try and take the police’s side, just because they are law enforcement.

Everyone should be given a fair shot and the benefit of the doubt, and it is your criminal defense attorney’s job to make sure you are treated fairly.

At the Hedding Law Firm we have dealt with assault cases including assault on a police officer. We have seen great results and have had satisfied clients. Assault on a police officer is a serious charge that can result in some severe penalties.

Our Defense Lawyers in Van Nuys will explain all the details of your charge to you, including the law, the possible penalties, and the defenses we may assert on your behalf.

Assault generally is defined as an attempted battery. Assault on a police officer must have occurred while the police officer was carrying out his or her legal duties to the public.

Defenses for Assaulting a Police Officer

To be convicted of assault on a police officer, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that first you knew the person was a police officer within the scope of his or her duties and that you intentionally tried to apply physical force on the police officer.

Our goal is to prevent a conviction and to intervene and do everything we can to get the best results. We are very aware that often times police officers use and abuse their authority and try to flip the script making it seem like you were the one committing the assault but in reality you may have been using self defense.

As your Criminal Defense Attorney we will investigate and do our research and see what exactly occurred that led to your arrest.

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