My first murder case was tried in the early 1990’s in the Van Nuys criminal courthouse. Since then, I’ve tried many murder charges in Van Nuys and feel I have a good sense on how a jury pool will review evidence in a murder case in the Van Nuys court, how the judges and prosecutors operate in this courthouse, and obviously, in the last twenty-five years, I’ve done many murder cases in Van Nuys and other courthouses.

The bottom line is, when it comes to a murder case, under California Penal Code 187, we need to know that the Van Nuys court system and the prosecutors and police are going to get the best people involved with checking into the murder case – whether DNA evidence, ballistic evidence, if there are videos involved – they’re going to get the best technology and the best people to prosecute these murder cases when a life is lost in a murder case, that’s when the authorities will use their highest and best assets to try to prove the case.

Reviewing Evidence in a Murder Case

Unfortunately, a lot of times what the prosecutors do is, they’re so intent because the case has been filed as a murder in Van Nuys, that they’re going to try to prove the murder, but they don’t take into account other evidence that might exist – other things that might be able to be considered, and that’s where the criminal defense attorney has to come in.

I do my own investigation. I use my years of experience. I use my team of experts at my disposal. Really what it is, is looking at the case. Looking at what the facts and circumstances are in the murder case and then deciding what experts are necessary, what investigation is necessary in order to bring about the best possible result.

Some of these cases are going to have to be tried in front of a Van Nuys jury when it comes to a murder charge, and obviously then all the marbles are on the line and you want to put forth the best defense in order to win the case, because if you lose the case, typically the client is looking at many, many years in prison.

So, you have to pull out all the stops, but we just don’t do the same thing in every Van Nuys murder case. We’re going to do the things that make a difference. We’re going to do things that make sense as far as the murder charge goes.

Obviously, I’m going to need to sit down with the client face-to-face and go over all of the facts and circumstances in the privacy of my office or I will go visit them in the county jail and talk to them about what happened, why they’re being charged with this crime and what they have to add to the situation and the story because a lot of times in these murder cases in Van Nuys, your version of events is not gotten out there.

The police do a one-sided investigation, don’t get involved with all the facts of the case, leave things out of the police report, don’t do an investigation that takes into account the defense’s situation or the defense’s position.

Develop Best Defense Strategy to Defend Murder Charges

So, that’s up to the defense attorney to do the investigation, to take the time to sit down with the client and when I’m done speaking with the client, we’re going to have a game plan in place.

We’re going to know what the client needs to do to help in his or her own defense and we’re going to know exactly what I’m going to do moving forward with a game plan to get this murder case in the Van Nuys court dealt with either by way of a not guilty plea/verdict by the jury or we’re going to work out some sort of a resolution with the prosecutors.

Obviously, when it comes to murder, if we are going to do a plea bargain because they have evidence against the client, we’re going to need to bring forth all the mitigating factors in a mitigation package that we give to the Van Nuys prosecutors so they take into account all of the circumstances surrounding the alleged murder.

A lot of times we forget lesser charges like voluntary manslaughter or some other charge, again depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.

I encourage you to make the phone call today and call the Hedding Law Firm. We’ll sit down and we’ll get this case moving in the right direction and we’ll get an expert. I’ve been doing this a long time and I know how to handle these murder cases in the Van Nuys court system.

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