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“You must have your champion by your side right from the beginning in the San Fernando Valley court system”


The first stage in the California Criminal Court process is the arraignment. The arraignment is the hearing that follows the arrest, usually within 48 hours. If you are not taken to arraignment within a reasonable amount of time, then the authorities must let you go.

This puts pressure on the prosecutors to make a quick decision as to whether you are guilty of a crime or not. At the arraignment your criminal defense attorney will get a pretty good feel for how strong the evidence is against you and be able to set the wheels in motion to get you the best result.

In my opinion, after practicing criminal defense for 25 years, I believe it is foolish not to have your criminal defense attorney by your side right from the beginning, particularly an arraignment attorney in the San Fernando Valley, CA.

Unfortunately, I have seen many a mistake made when your defense attorney does not have all of the mitigating facts about you and your case right from the beginning. Therefore, it is imperative to have a defense attorney by your side from the very beginning. You can call our San Fernando and Van Nuys arraignment lawyers to get help in that matter.

Reading of Legal Rights and Charges Against You

During this hearing the judge will advise you of your legal Constitutional rights and the court will state the specific charges being filed against you. During this time you will have a chance to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest and the court will set, modify, reinstate, or clear your bail.

As your Van Nuys Criminal Defense Attorney we will be there to help you and advise you on the wise decisions to make. In some of the courthouses, the arraignment court is used as the early disposition court for purposes of resulting in a case at the earliest possible time and avoiding a harsh sentence.

It is crucial that your criminal defense attorney is familiar with the system, your case and the best defense right from the beginning! You can schedule a consultation with an arraignment attorney in Van Nuys, CA by calling our office.

An arraignment lawyer will also help you understand your constitutional rights. Your Constitutional rights include the right against self incrimination, the right to a speedy trial, the right to a trial by jury, the right to produce and confront witnesses to name a few.

There is no way for you or your family to know which rights to assert when and to be in a position to make the right moves for you at the right time. This is where your local criminal defense attorney comes in as your guide to success. Moreover, the thing to understand is that you don’t need just any lawyer by your side. It would be better to have a San Fernando Valley arraignment lawyer by your side.

If you are facing misdemeanor charges you would not even have to appear for your arraignment and we would go to court on your behalf. On the other hand, if you are facing felony charges you would have to appear but we would be there right by your side ready to be your advocate!

Many times a person is arrested for a felony, a bail is set, and when they go to their arraignment and a misdemeanor is filed instead. This is a great opportunity to get the person released on their own recognizance and save them thousands of dollars in bail money. An experienced arraignment attorney in Los Angeles County can easily help you achieve all this.

We will sit down with you and explain everything to you to make sure you are at peace and have a game plan in place for success. We will handle the legalistics of everything and do what need to be done to protect your rights, future and freedom. Our attorney has been practicing as an arraignment attorney in Encino, CA for many years.


In my opinion having your own attorney at the arraignment is crucial. Your attorney can begin the process of effectively dealing with your case. The bail can be lowered or you could be released on your own recognizance (with no bail having to be posted).

The case can be discussed with the prosecutor and your version of events can be impressed upon the prosecutor to get the case moving in the right direction. Your attorney can prevent the judge and prosecutor from putting orders in place that can affect your life in a negative manner (no drinking alcohol, stay away from the alleged victim, raising you bail so you can’t get out etc.).

Also, a private attorney can come into the arraignment with all of the facts of your life to properly defend you, versus the Public Defender who will just be getting the case along with many other cases for that day.

The arraignment in a criminal case is the beginning of your case and in my experience those that have their champion with them at this important stage of the proceedings are the most likely to have success in the end result of their case. As a San Fernando Valley arraignment lawyer, I have seen mistakes made by less seasoned attorneys at the start of a criminal case that are difficult to recover from, if not impossible.

Once certain decisions are made they are difficult to undue. Make your decision to help yourself right away by contacting an the Hedding Law Firm in Encino, CA if you want to give yourself the best chance of making sure you are heard and you’re not just steamrolled by the system!
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