Client Testimonials for Our San Fernando Valley Criminal Lawyers

Testimonials From Real Clients Posted on the Internet – When I am retained on a criminal case I have the goal of doing such a great job for the client, that when it is all said and done I have a raving fan of the Hedding Law Firm.

We know that when you hire us you are putting your faith in us to do everything we can to protect your rights and make sure that you end up with the best results!

There are many reviews on the Internet related to the Hedding Law Firm. You can go on Avvo, Yelp, Google and other review sites and see what our client’s have to say. By searching Ronald D. Hedding on these sites, you able to get specific details and comments regarding our firm. We have recreated a few of the reviews that our clients’ have posted over the years.

“I found Ron here on this site and due to the other types of cases he was successful with, I chose him. He didn’t make a lot of promises on the phone and gave me a realistic impression of what I was in for, which was in contrast to some of the other shady characters I spoke with that promised me the moon. He made me feel confident that he would be able to get me the best possible outcome. Because of Ron’s reputation and YEARS of experience, he knows everyone at the DAs office and was able to get ahead of my case and get character reference letters to them before they filed the case. He was able to get the information I COULD NOT have gotten without him. Because of him, my case was never filed, I avoided fees, court, embarrassment and a record. He’s as good as the rest of the reviews here say. He DID in fact, get the best possible outcome for me and I feel He was worth every penny, I don’t feel like I’ve been used, I feel I’ve been supported, respected and properly represented. I’m staying anonymous, but this is a 100% REAL review with a real life scared as heck person, that got through this nightmare with Ron’s expertise and support.”

“Because you had an honest face I decided to give you my brother’s case It was the best decision I ever made And the most deserving money I ever paid You did not sit back and get lax You researched your case and got your facts Then you strode confidently into the courtroom And although we were ready for doom You presented your case like a true professional You were so sane, calm, and rational Because of your persistence and determination The Judge ruled that there was no justification To have my brother locked up for so long Because he had done no wrong You performed your job without a flaw You’re a wiz at criminal law !!! Thanks a million !!!”

“I sit here and wonder how lucky I was to find such a good man as you. Words can not express my appreciation for all you have done for me and my son. I am thankful I have you on my side and will never forget your concern and kindness you have shown my family.”

“Ron and his staff know their way around the courts and have provided me the utmost professional service. I highly recommend Ron and sincerely appreciate all that he has done for me.

Ron Hedding has delivered on his promises and more. He was able to negotiate a plea deal that was impossible to get. He promised to take care of the case and that he did. He put my mind at rest. I highly recommend him.”

“Great Lawyer. Extremely trustworthy and responsive. Got me out of a hole I thought I would never get out of. Hedding stood out from other Lawyers in his experience and honesty. I’d definitely recommend him to friends and family.”

“Hedding and his associates are very knowledgeable in regards to DUI cases. I was very nervous, but Hedding made me feel confident and at ease during the process. He is different from other lawyers. I automatically felt that I could trust him when I went for my initial consultation. My case was settled in no time.

“Go to Ron! Ron is the go to lawyer for any cases especially DUIs. He knows everything about the law and he does not mind spending the time to learn more in order to help you win.”

“Quite possibly the best attorney in all of Los Angeles. He got the impossible done for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“The Hedding Law Firm are truly a professional and dedicated law firm focused on defending their client’s rights. Ronald D. Hedding and his staff guided me throughout the court process and obtained an excellent result for my case.”

“Ron knew how to go in and take care of business. He knew who to talk to and what needed to be done. I felt confident with his counsel.”

“I hired Ron Hedding for a trial and I had been informed by other firms that there would not be any chance of getting me off. Due to Mr. Hedding’s ability and skill, I was found not guilty! Not only was the process smooth, but I was very worried and concerned. Ron reassured me that he would do the best job capable and he did! I would hire The Hedding Law Firm again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend The Hedding Law Firm

“Ron Hedding was successful in getting my son’s felony charges dismissed in juvenile court. Mr. Hedding was very professional and guided us throughout the whole process giving us much needed reassurance in a difficult time. I am very grateful and satisfied with the help received from Mr. Hedding and thanks to him, my son has a bright future again.”

“My brother was charged with kidnapping and was facing a life sentence. I emailed The Hedding Law Firm and within minutes they called me and said I could see the attorney the same day. I realized that was the most important email I had sent. The minute I met Ron I felt that everything was going to be ok. I explained the situation and he knew exactly what to do. Ron was dedicated to my brother’s case for 18 long months and was making all the right decisions in handling it. By hiring Ron Hedding you truly have someone who can navigate the chaos of the legal system with a calm and rational finesses. He is tenacious, knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. He fights for his clients and doesn’t stop until he gets it right.”