How Grand Theft – Penal Code Section 487 Cases are Handled in the San Fernando Valley Courthouses

These cases are treated very seriously because in order to be a grand theft in the San Fernando Valley courts, someone has to take more than $950.00, so a lot of these cases involve thousands of dollars and the prosecutors treat this very serious because they do not want people engaging in this type of theft-related activity. The crime of “grand theft” is defined under California Penal Code 487.

So, a lot of time they will try to put that person in custody for a significant period of time and of course order them to pay the money back or the value of whatever the property is that that particular individual took.

If the person doesn’t have the money to pay things back, then a lot of times the prosecutors will attempt to get the judge to sentence him to a lengthy jail or prison sentence in order to try to make things right and then they still end up getting ordered to pay the money back.

So, just because somebody doesn’t have the money doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not going to be ordered to pay it back.  If they can’t come up with the money, then they’ll end up getting a judgement on their record which will follow them around if they don’t pay the money back.

Avoiding a Theft Crime Conviction

What you’re really trying to avoid here is the stigma of having that theft-related offense on your record.  Obviously, nobody wants to be in the position where somebody runs their criminal background and they see that one of the San Fernando Valley courts.Grand Theft California Penal Code 487

For example, like Van Nuys or San Fernando, ended up having you convicted for a theft-related offense.  That would make it very difficult to get loans or employment.  If it’s a felony you won’t be able to vote and lose other government rights.

So, if you or a loved on is charged with a grand theft in Los Angeles county, I have had a lot of success with these type of offense as far as getting good results.  One big thing we can do in one of the San Fernando Valley courthouses is to try to come up with some money that is owed.

If we’re able to pay the money up front this is a nice bargaining chip that I’m able to use in a lot of these cases in avoiding jail time and obviously trying to work things out so the person can either not get a felony from the beginning or is able to earn a misdemeanor charge at a future date if they can perform successfully on probation.

San Fernando and Van Nuys Courthouses

The San Fernando Valley as far as these theft-crimes go, they’re usually prosecuted in either the Van Nuys or San Fernando courthouses because these courthouses control most of the San Fernando Valley.  As far as theft cases in the north-end of the Valley, those will be prosecuted by the San Fernando court and in the west Valley and middle of the Valley, Van Nuys will be the court where all cases will be sent.

If you’re in Malibu sometimes those cases are divided between Van Nuys and the Airport or LAX Court and also if you consider Glendale, Burbank and Pasadena part of the Valley, then that certainly would be courts that would deal with grand theft cases as well.

Fighting Penal Code 487 Grand Theft Charges

So, how we’re getting good results in these grand theft cases is, we’re first figuring out what type of a case is it as far as what type of defense we’re going to employ.  Is it a case where you have a defense to the crime?

In which case, we’ll get witnesses and get things ready to do a jury trial or is it a situation where you do not have a defense to the crime and instead we’re going to have to plea bargain with the prosecutors.

So, this is the first decision we’re making in these cases that are going in the Valley courts because obviously, you don’t want to cause problems with the prosecutors on a case that you’re ultimately going to lose because then your client will certainly suffer the consequences of that.

So, if we’re going to be in a situation where we’re going to try to negotiate one of these grand theft cases, then what we will do is put together a package of mitigation that we can show the prosecutors and judge to try to convince them to give the client a break.  This is a crucial thing to do.

We get character letters.  We get information about your job and about your family life so we can really convince the judge and prosecutor to give you a break and not send you to jail and not make you eat a felony.  These are the type of important things that we’re thinking about and looking at when we tackle these grand theft-related offenses.

Then I will set up a meeting with the supervisor, face-to-face, sending them all of the good information, mitigation information related to you and then trying to convince them to give you resolution that takes into account your family life, your job, your record, your future and of course, your freedom.

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