Three Decades of Experience

When you're in trouble and need the best, you need the top criminal defense attorney in California. You've got to look at what sets your choice apart?  What sets Ronald Hedding apart from the other criminal defense attorneys?

First, he has a lot of experience, having worked in the criminal defense field for 30 years.  When we talk experience, we're not just talking about criminal defense attorneys. Yes, he has been a criminal defense attorney since 1994, but even before 1994, he worked for the District Attorney's office in Los Angeles and got a good bird's eye view of how the DA's office is like a corporation:

Ronald Hedding is Top Criminal Lawyer in California
  • how they run their business,
  • how they prosecute people,
  • how they interact with the police.

This is so that he could use that information to defend his client properly.  Also, before he became a criminal defense attorney, he worked for a Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles as his research attorney. He was his right-hand man, helping him make decisions about opinions that he was going to publish in court. Further, helping him research cases to look at how a judge attacks a chance.

Over 200 Jury Trials

Then, of course, in 1994, he became one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles. You also have to look at the cases he's tried, some of the most challenging cases in Los Angeles, over 200 jury trials, many victories.

He has so many jury victories because he knows which cases should go to trial and which cases should not go to trial.  That's the mark of a genuinely successful criminal defense attorney to help the client make the right decisions at the right time when it counts the most.

Respected in the Legal Community

He also has a lot of credibility and respect in the legal community, having worked for the State Bar of California as a Jeni Commissioner, helping select judges for the great state of California in aid of the governor. He was also one of a few attorneys in the nation to get a Presidential pardon for one of his clients.  These are just things other attorneys cannot do.

Having defended thousands of cases over many years, he has over 300 reviews online from not only satisfied clients but clients who owe their life to him. So, when you talk about one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, look no further.  You've got somebody who has the experience. You've got somebody who has the political know-how, and I think probably the last and most important thing is, he's very well respected in the criminal defense community.

Ethical and Well-Prepared

His family has lawyers.  His father is an attorney.  They work together on a lot of their criminal cases. Judges and prosecutors know that when Ron Hedding walks into a courtroom, he's going to be ethical, he will have prepared his case, and if they're not fair, he will take the task and take the case to trial and beat them.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in California

So, you need respect when it comes to criminal defense because these defendants are often behind the eight ball and the prosecutors have the evidence against them. Further, sometimes they are being accused of doing things that make judges, prosecutors, and even juries very angry. So, you want to make sure you:

  • have an attorney that can be respected,
  • that can turn the tide in your favor, and
  • who is going to fight for you,
  • is going to believe in you,
  • is going to get your story and is going to use your story to champion your position.

If you want the best, pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with Ronald Hedding. Whether you be a criminal defendant or a family member of a criminal defendant who needs help, you've come to the right place.  Set up the meeting.  Take the first step towards success.