The District Attorney’s office in the Van Nuys court has a policy that if you’re convicted of an evading arrest case, you go to prison. They hate when they see those helicopter chases on the freeway – all the danger that ensues when people are pursued by the police. The media picks it up. That makes them very angry and they’re going to try to send anybody who has a real legitimate evading case, where it’s a long dangerous pursuit – they’re going to try to send that person to prison.

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What Determines Misdemeanor or Felony Evading Arrest Cases?

So, what my job is if they’ve got the goods on the client as far as an evading case goes, I have to show them that it’s not one of the typical evading cases where the client actually deserves to go to prison.

Reviewing the Type of Police Pursuit

In other words, the shorter the pursuit, the better, when it comes to these Van Nuys court evading cases. If we can show that it’s a very short pursuit and it only lasted a mile, there was no dangerous driving, no high speeds, no accident, not a bunch of blowing red lights.

Really, if it’s late at night and there’s nobody out on the streets, obviously that would be a better argument that if there’s a bunch of traffic and the person’s weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds being chased by the police.

You’ll see now, these evading cases have just taken on a life of their own. The police are actually breaking off a lot of the pursuits because what’s happening is the pursuits are going on and somehow someone is being hurt.

Either the person who is driving the car is killing somebody, the police are becoming involved in an accident and someone is passing away or getting seriously injured, and then there’s a huge lawsuit and the county has to defend it and pay out thousands and thousands of dollars.

So, these evading cases are serious political business in the San Fernando because there are a lot of people here – 17 million plus. A huge metropolis.

So, if you get one of these cases in the Van Nuys court, expect the prosecutors to come down hard on you, and that’ where you need a great defense attorney who can really mitigate and show that your case is an aberration. It’s not going to happen again and it’s not what the prosecutors are used to prosecuting, and therefore, the defendant shouldn’t’ be looking at many years in prison.

Determine the Best Strategy in Evading Police Case

So, what I have you do on an evading case in Van Nuys Courthouse is you come in and talk to me. We’re going to figure out who the prosecutor and judge are in charge of your case, what their tendencies are, what are the things that can make them consider a different sentence than prison?

How can we get you probation? Can we get character letters – letters from your job, people who know you? What other things can we bring to bear that show that this is one of those cases that should be outside the typical prison sentenced related to an evading case in Van Nuys court.

Another thing I’ve seen is I’ve had people who were charged with evading cases and they didn’t actually catch them. Either they got away on foot or they got away in a vehicle.

Now the police have the job of proving that it was actually the person driving the car who is responsible for the evading case in Van Nuys, and the way that they prove that is they are going to need somebody to identify the person.

Either identify them while they were driving, which is more difficult because you get a very small look at the person because you’re only seeing basically their head while their driving, depending on how dark it was, whether they had tinted windows, etc., that’s going to be a big determiner there.

Another way they can try to identify them is by identifying them if they go on foot and they’re able to see them outside their car and the police come in and testify that that’s the guy. They’re able to pick him out of a line-up, pick him out of a photo line-up and then they can try to make their case for the evading.

Of course, other circumstantial evidence that a person is the one driving the car is if the car is their car – if it’s registered to them. If it’s a single male and they have some sort of a general description that matches the person, so there are all kinds of different ways to identify someone in an evading case and determining whether you could actually file your case in front of a Van Nuys jury, obviously we’re going to need to see all the evidence the prosecutors have.

Retain a Van Nuys Criminal Defense Lawyer

I sit down with the client. We talk about it and we make an informed common-sense decision whether this is a case we can win or not. So, what I have you do – whether we’re going to resolve the case by way of a negotiated plea or a trial – I have you come into the office.

We sit down and talk about it. We put all the facts on the table and we start to make some strategy decisions on exactly what we’re going to do moving forward – whether we’re going to fight this evading case in Van Nuys and let a Van Nuys jury decide the case, or whether it’s something I need to go to the prosecutor and judge, get a mitigation package together and show them what you’re all about.

Give them your version of events. Explain to them what happened so we can get this case resolved, protecting your rights, your freedom, your reputation and gets you out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible. Contact the Hedding Law Firm for help.

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