I’ve been practicing now in the Van Nuys criminal court for nearly 30 years.  My office in Encino is approximately five minutes away from the Van Nuys courthouse, so I definitely have a lot of experience making appearances there and a lot of experience dealing with the judges, the prosecutors and court staff.

I think that’s definitely one of the components that a great criminal defense attorney must have in order to successfully practice in the Van Nuys courthouse.  You have to have those relationships with the:

  • judges,
  • prosecutors,
  • court staff, and
  • bailiffs.

Not only that, but you also have to understand the strategy behind getting good results for your clients.

Plea Bargain vs Jury Trial Decision

Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Van Nuys

Van Nuys Superior Courthouse

The next thing you have to have and what makes me, Ron Hedding, the best criminal defense attorney in the Van Nuys area, is you have to have the skill to either negotiate a case or fight a case at a jury trial.

I’ve done over 200 jury trials.  I’ve battled jury trials in pretty much every courtroom in the Van Nuys courthouse.  I know how to win a case that can be won.  I’ve even won cases that you would have thought could not be won.

The first key thing is you have to have the ability to take the right case to trial.

You don’t go to trial if you’re going to lose, because you’re costing your client money.

Further, you’re going to probably cost your client time in jail or prison if you lose the jury trial, so you’ve got to first make the decision to take the right case to trial.  Don’t take a case to trial that you have no chance of winning.

Experience to Fight Prosecutor’s Case

Just because you have a chance of winning the case, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to win the case.  A lot of times you’ve got prosecutors and you’ve got police and they are prepared.

They’ve got money, unlimited resources and a lot of times they’ve got the advantage over the defense, so you need an attorney who can turn the tide against the prosecutors.

In other words, somebody who is more skilled than them, can marshal the evidence better than them, can investigate the case better than them and can argue the case better than them.  This is why you come to somebody, like me, Ron Hedding, who has this experience.

Skilled Courtroom Negotiator

The next thing you’ve got to be able to do is negotiate.  Having the trial skills and being able to beat them translates into negotiation, as well.

Because if they think you might be able to beat them, they’re going to be more fair when it comes to negotiating a case in the Van Nuys criminal courthouse.

I’ve negotiated thousands of cases there.  I have hundreds of cases every year going through that courthouse.  I know how to handle the cases.  I know how to deal with the prosecutors.  I know how to deal with the political climate and the judges.

So, you’ve got to have somebody who can negotiate.  You’ve got to have somebody who can try a case.  You’ve got to have somebody who has experience in the courthouse where your case is pending.

Attorney Whom You Feel Comfortable With

Best Van Nuys Criminal Defense Lawyer

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I think the last key thing to being the best criminal defense attorney in the Van Nuys area, working in the Van Nuys courthouse, is somebody that you feel comfortable with. Somebody that when you meet with them:

  •  you get a good sense if they’re a good person,
  • they’re trying to help you,
  • they’re sophisticated, and
  • they know how to deal with the case, because that translates to the prosecutors and judges.

They know your attorney is top-notch, respected, knows what he’s doing, doesn’t mess around and that’s how we get the best results in the Van Nuys criminal courthouse.

If you’re looking for a great attorney and you’ve got a case in Van Nuys, pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.

I stand at the ready to help you,  to put my 27-years as a criminal defense attorney to work for you.

Also my years as a prosecutor and my years working for a Superior Court judge.  You’ve come to the right place.  You’ve found the complete package.