When you’re looking for a DUI attorney, I think you need somebody who has a good well-rounded experience.

What I mean by that is, someone who has worked for the prosecutor’s side to see how they prosecute cases and what drives them, and how they win cases and lose cases.

Also, you need somebody who knows how the judges are going to deal with these DUI cases in the San Fernando Valley courthouses.

And of course, most important, someone who has been on the defenses side for a long time, has a lot of experience, has good connections, knows how to win a case, win a motion related to a DUI under California Vehicle Code 23152.

Skilled Negotiator on DUI Charges

I can tell you my experience starts in the early 1990s when I worked for the East Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

Then, I moved from there where I began to work for a Superior Court Judge has his right-hand man.Best DUI Attorney in the San Fernando Valley

Finally culminates in a 27-year career as a defense attorney handling thousands of DUI cases over that timeframe with a lot of success, be it from:

  • not guilty verdicts;
  • dismissals on motions because the police have violated my client’s rights, or
  • simply just being a skilled negotiator and getting matters reduced down to lesser charges, or
  • dismissed, and
  • keeping people out of jail, limiting probationary periods, and
  • limiting impact on their driving record and driving privileges.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best DUI defense attorneys in the San Fernando Valley, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Drunk Driving Defense in All Courthouses

Let me go over your case with you, assess it and begin the process of getting your control back, because when you get arrested for a DUI in the San Fernando Valley, whether it be in any of the main courts:

It really is debilitating when they put you in the back of a police car, hold you in one of those small locations where the jails are and take away your liberty and take away your driver’s license.

So, how do you recover from that?  The answer is, getting someone on your side who has:

  • a lot of experience;
  • who knows how to fight these cases;
  • who knows how to win these cases, and
  • who has been down the road you’re about to travel and has had a lot of success from the defense side.

So, if you’re looking for a fighter, if you’re looking for the best DUI attorney, someone who is going to be honest and genuine to you, call our law firm.

Reduced DUI Charges or Case Dismissal

I will let you know what you’re up against and makes sure you end up with the best result as it relates to both your driving record and your criminal record.Reduced California DUI Charges or Case Dismissal

Because DUIs are certainly crimes and the prosecutors are going to be trying to put a mark on your record.  They’re going to try to convict you and make sure that they get a DUI on your record.

So, if you need somebody to try to avoid that DUI, either by a not guilty verdict, or if they do have evidence against you, to try to get a wet reckless, a dry reckless, a speed contest, something other than a DUI, or maybe you’re simply trying to stay out of jail.

Obviously, these are all important considerations when you’re talking about a successful DUI defense attorney and I stand at the ready to help you.

I will look at everything, to be honest with you, to go face to face with the prosecutor and judge if necessary, to make sure that your rights are protected, your freedom is protected, your driving record is protected.

So, if you’re looking for the best DUI defense attorney in the San Fernando Valley, you’ve come to the right place.  Pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.

Bring your paperwork.  Bring your questions.  We’ll go over everything step by step, piece by piece, and make the decision that’s bests for you, considering your criminal record, your career, your future, your family.

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