Drug Possession for Sales & Drug Manufacturing

As you might guess, Los Angeles County and especially the San Fernando Valley has many drug crimes investigated by the Gang and Narcotics Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. Also, the Sheriff's Department has a section of the San Fernando Valley that they patrol.  They're usually the ones that are arresting people for drug-related offenses.

A lot of the information they gather to investigate, get search warrants, and make arrests comes from people arrested for drug crimes in the Valley. They cooperate with the police and give the police a lot of information. I often see the police arrest somebody for possession of sales or drugs (CALCRIM 2302), especially if they view that person as a small-time player.

California Health and Safety Code 11351 defines possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. They will arrest that person, threaten that person, tell them that they're looking at a lot of time in custody, and try to get that person to give them information about other drug crimes that are taking place in the San Fernando Valley.

That's one situation the police investigate and prosecute drug crimes, sales, possession for sales, drug trafficking, manufacturing (CALCRIM 2330) of any type of drugs in the Valley. California Health and Safety Code 11379.6 defines manufacturing as a controlled substance.

Negotiation with Prosecutor and Law Enforcement

It's interesting because, on the flip side of that, you have a scenario where the prosecutors in cases in the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles aren't highly involved in cooperation agreements.

Drug Crimes Lawyer in the San Fernando Valley

It takes an act of Congress on a drug crime case to get the prosecutors to agree to give a person a better sentence if a person cooperates or they'll dismiss the case.

So, you have to get a letter from a Captain saying that the person cooperated and requesting that the prosecutors give credit for that cooperation.  Then that letter goes to downtown Los Angeles, and they have a specific group of individuals who deal with cooperation cases, but it's scarce to see that.

Whereas, at the police level, they engage in many cooperation-type activities.  They'll even grab somebody, and they really won't prosecute that person sometimes if they cooperate. The problem is, sometimes the police lie to people in these significant drug cases, tell them they're going to do something, and then they don't do it, and the person doesn't have any fallback to do anything about it.

Retain a Drug Crime Attorney

You've got to have an attorney.  If you get an attorney involved, they can pressure the police if that's something you choose to do to make sure that you get credit, because a lot of times, they want you to make two, three, four, five, six busts.

Nobody wants to do that.  It's way too dangerous for them.  A lot of people don't even have that type of information.  So, if you don't have an attorney involved, they can take advantage of you in the wrong way. So, if you've got a drug-related offense in the San Fernando Valley — whether it be a possession, possession for sales — pick up the phone, make the call.  Let's talk about it and see what we can do to get you the best result, such as deferred entry of judgment.

Strategy When Drug Use is Reason for a Crime