There are a lot of cases that are prosecuted at the federal border.  I had a client who had young children, no criminal record and was basically just a mule, but had a lot of drugs in her possession.  So, she was looking at the 10-year mandatory minimum because it’s a federal crime drug case and the amount of drugs she had easily hit the federal minimum.

We ended up getting a 24-month sentence which is an incredible sentence when you’re talking about that many drugs, but some of the things that we utilized where near the San Diego border there’s a fast-track that’s available for defendants.

She also had family circumstances because of her kid, she had a good job.  And I think what really breathed life into her story was the fact that she had a tough upbringing and she was really just trying to do this to make her life better and her kids’ lives better.

Downward Departures in Federal Criminal Cases

So, if you’ve got a good story that makes sense even if the feds have you, there are mitigating factors and in federal criminal defense they call them downward departures where we can go below the 10-year mandatory minimum.

We can use such things called a safety valve and a number of other angles that can be utilized in order to avoid that 10-year mandatory minimum for a federal drug case and that would be served at 85% of the time because it’s federal.

So, we really just need to look at what happened in your case — whether the evidence against you is good, because if they don’t have good evidence or they illegally searched you or illegally wiretapped you there are motions we can file to try to get rid of the case.

Avoiding the 10-Year Mandatory Minimum Sentence

But, if we have a scenario where they’ve gone things the right way and they have the goods on you, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a 10-years sentence or more.  There are ways to get around that 10-year sentence.

There are ways to still salvage your life, keep you out of federal prison for a long period of time, but obviously, you’re going to have to be completely honest with an attorney like me who has been doing this now for 26 years, handling federal criminal cases — specifically federal drug cases, RICO charges are over the nation.

Federal Criminal Lawyer

I know what it takes to be successful.  I know what it takes to win the case.  I know when it’s a scenario where we’re not going to be able to completely win the case but we can certainly do damage control and get you the best possible result for your federal criminal drug case.

Pick up the phone.  Make the call.  Ask to set up a meeting with me, Ron Hedding, so we can go over all of the facts and details of your situation and see which angle is going to work for you and see what it is going to take to get you out of the criminal federal justice system as fast as possible.

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