The Van Nuys court prosecutes a lot of drug crime cases, mainly handling the jurisdiction in the San Fernando Valley for people who are charged with possession of drugs, possession for sales of drugs, sales of drugs – whether it be methamphetamine, cocaine, GHB, ecstasy, PCP or any of the other drug-related offenses.

So, if you have a drug case in the Van Nuys court system, obviously you’re going to want to get an attorney who is familiar with handling drug cases – whether it be a sales case where you might be looking at jail or prison time or a straight possession case where you could possibly avail yourself of some sort of a diversionary program or get into the drug court to try to avoid a conviction with a drug-related offense.

Knowing the Tendencies of the Van Nuys Court

So, it’s important if you have a Van Nuys drug case pending that you get with an attorney who has handled these types of cases before and knows what the tendencies of the judge and prosecutors are as far as these drug crime cases.

I’ve been defending these cases for twenty-five years now and I’ve seen the drug charges change as the various propositions have been passed and then the Governor of California has really been instrumental in doing a lot of things that help people who are charged with drug crimes.

Where you’re probably not going to get a lot of help from the propositions or the Governor is if you’re charged with selling or possessing for sales, drugs. Obviously, those are the people who are moving drugs and making money from it and getting people addicted to drugs, and the prosecutors and the judges don’t take kindly to that type of behavior.

Seeking a Lesser Drug Offense and Avoiding Jail Time

So, if you have a Van Nuys possession for sales, or a sales drug-related offense, obviously sit down with somebody like me who has been doing this for a long time. I know how to handle these cases. Sometimes, instead of being charged with sales, you should just be charged with straight possession.

Other times they do have evidence that you’re selling drugs and we need to try to keep you out of prison. Nobody wants to go to prison and obviously, when it comes to selling drugs to the community, they’re going to consider you a danger to the community and the Van Nuys court judges are going to want to put you into prison or jail.

So, this is something that I have a lot of experience with. What I have you do is come in and we will have a meeting. We go over everything, and sometimes there’s more than meets the eye in these Van Nuys drug cases, and we can sit down and get a good strategy together on how we’re either going to defend your drug case

Also, how we’re going to try to mitigate things and do damage control so we can get you out of the system as fast as possible, protect your record, protect you from going to jail or prison. There’re all sorts of different things that can be done, again, depending on the case – what happened, your background, the circumstances and what evidence the prosecutors have in order to prove the case. Maybe rehabilitation instead of jail time is possible.

Consult with a Van Nuys Criminal Drug Crime Lawyer

One thing I see a lot of in these Van Nuys drug cases is the police kind of do a one-sided investigation. They don’t really get your version of events and I think that’s where a good criminal defense attorney who does a lot of Van Nuys drug crime cases can come in handy to be able to get your side of the story across.

Get all the facts and circumstances that are helpful to you because the police aren’t looking for that when they do their investigation. So, now it’s time to get the other half of the investigation – the defense side of the investigation – and that’s what I’m particularly talented at and good at.

So, if you have a Van Nuys drug case, give me a call. We’ll go over everything in the privacy of my office and you’ll leave with a plan in mind so that you can get this case taken care of effectively, efficiently and with the least amount of damage to you, your record, your freedom and your rights.

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