This is probably one of the biggest questions on somebody’s mind who has come in contact with the police and is now facing criminal charges, have been handcuffed, put in the back of a police car.

A lot of times police try to get you to say things to incriminate yourself.  You’re probably feeling like you’ve lost control over your situation and your life.

It’s probably one of the worst feelings, because being put in custody really demeans you and brings you down.

First Move Is To Retain an Experienced Lawyer

So, when we talk about what you do if you’ve been arrested in Encino, obviously, your first move is to get to a seasoned criminal defense attorney because that attorney is going to be able:

  • to start to put the pieces back together for you,
  • to begin the process of healing,
  • to begin the process of taking control of your life back.

So, if you’ve landed on this website, you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve had an office in Encino now for 27 years handling criminal cases, helping people just like you to get their lives back.

Likely, if you’ve been arrested in Encino, California, your case is going to be sent to the Van Nuys criminal court.  That’s about five minutes from my office.  I’ve handled thousands of cases there.

What I suggest you do is pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I don’t charge to meet with you.

I feel so confident that once you meet with me, hear about my experience and see that I really truly am there to help you, you’re going to retain me and we’re going to start the process of getting this matter behind you.

Developing a Defense Strategy

So, once you pick up the phone and make the call, obviously, I’m gong to have somebody there to give you some basic information.

My office manager has been with me now for over 20 years.  He really does understand criminal cases.

He understands your pain, and he is going to be the first touch in getting you to understand what you’re up against and starting the process of a successful resolution.

Get all of your paperwork together — whatever the bail bondsman gave you if you had to bail out — whatever paperwork you were given by the police, bring that to my office.

We’ll sit down and breakdown the whole case.  We’ll figure out the best strategy for you moving forward:

  • whether it’s the type of case we’re going to fight and take to a jury trial,
  • whether we can convince the prosecutors to dismiss the case;
  • whether it should be a diversion case where you don’t end up with a conviction;
  • whether we’re trying to keep you out of jail, which depends on:
  • the facts and circumstances of your case;
  • if you have a prior criminal record; and
  • how good your attorney is at convincing the prosecutor and the judge of your specific position.

We’ve got to find out about you. This is not a situation where we just do the same thing every time.

We have to see who you are — what you stand to lose and what happened in your particular case — why you were arrested.

Contact Hedding Law Firm If Accused of a Crime

Contact Hedding Law Firm If Accused of a Crime

Call the Hedding Law Firm if charged with a crime.

So, if you’ve been arrested in Encino, step number one is, keep you head up, you’re going to get through this.

This is a bump in the room.  Step number two is, pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.

Step number three, we’re going to do everything we can to (1) put this behind you and (2) protect your rights, your freedom and your record.

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