The Pitchess Detention Center, commonly called the Wayside Jail, is out in Castaic near the famous Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park and is one of the three Los Angeles County jails that house men.

The reason your loved one is there is probably no reason in particular. It's a huge ranch with many different facilities on many acres. The East Facility is primarily used to hold parole violators waiting for their revocation hearing. The address is 29310 The Old Road, Castaic, CA 91384

The South Facility houses low-to-medium security inmates and offers educational programs to eligible inmates.

Los Angeles Wayside Jail

The North Facility is used as a backup facility in case of overcrowding and holds inmates who don't cause any trouble. Then there's North County Correctional Facility (NCCF) which contains more severe inmates and a maximum-security complex. It has five different jails that provide disciplinary segregation and medical treatment for inmates.

In NCCF, they have both the general population and areas where inmates are segregated from others, sometimes because of disciplinary problems and their status in custody. So, there's an 800 and a 900 area in the back of the North County Correctional Facility. The address is 29340 The Old Road, Castaic, CA 91384.

The Los Angeles County sheriff just moves inmates around all the time. Wayside is one of the places where they house them. They've got three or four facilities operating at any one time. NCCF, which is the North County Correctional Facility, is the one that houses the most violent of in-custody individuals.

Like the North Facility, some other facilities are for people who are less of a threat and have less of a record. The Wayside Jail only holds male inmates. All-female inmates are held at the Century Regional Detention Facility, Lynwood Jail.

Male inmates are frequently transferred between Wayside and either the Los Angeles Twin Towers Facility or the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail, depending on various reasons. Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers will review more closely below.

Wayside Jail is an Overflow Facility

So, if your loved one is housed at Wayside, there's no reason to be alarmed.  It's simply one of the locations where the LA county sheriffs house people. I don't see the rhyme and explanation for why people would be housed at Wayside versus county jail versus Twin Towers.

They only have so much room in the Men's Central jail on Bauchet Street and the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. So, that's why they've got to have that overflow facility. Nobody knows why inmates are housed in certain areas, whether county jail, Wayside, or Twin Towers.

Another issue that is unclear as to why the sheriffs continue to transfer people back and forth between county jail, Wayside, and Twin Towers. The visiting there is pretty ease.  You have to go to the sheriff's website and set up your visit.  It will give you the hours and what you need to do.

But all three of the facilities — Wayside, twin towers, county jail — are about the same as how they hold the inmates and their ability to hold the inmates.

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So, if you or a family member is housed in Wayside and you have a criminal case pending in Los Angeles county, pick up the phone and make the call.  I'm ready to help you.

I've handled thousands of cases in the LA county criminal justice system.  I've been to all of the facilities in Wayside and know the protocol there very well, along with the lockdowns that can occur. I know how to visit people at Wayside, and obviously, I know how to get a successful result in a criminal case that's being heard in Los Angeles county.

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I see clients all the time at Wayside. It's pretty easy. Attorneys have a much easier time going into jail facilities than families and the public. So, if you have a loved one in Wayside who needs to be seen and who you are concerned about and are looking to hire a lawyer for, pick up the phone and make the call.

I've been doing this for almost 27 years now and have handled countless cases and seen many people over at the Wayside jail. I know how to get in and out of there.  I know how to talk to them and get a game plan together for their criminal case to get out of custody as soon as possible.

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