Who Is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles?

Posted by Ronald D. HeddingJul 05, 2022

Los Angeles is a massive metropolis with millions of people, and a lot of crime continues.  Police are arresting people left and right and sending them into criminal courts.

The best attorney has got to have a skill set that gives them a lot of experience, having done criminal cases for many years and having a lot of local expertise in the local courts. I've been practicing in LA for almost 30 years in all courthouses.  I've done trials in just about every courtroom.

Who Is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles?

Having done something for a long time and mastering the craft, you start to see who the best judges are, who the best prosecutors are, and you begin to get an idea of how to handle a criminal case deciding which cases should go to trial and which cases should be resolved by way of negotiation

That's probably one of the most significant factors of one of the best attorneys to identify whether a case should go to trial or be resolved through a plea bargain.  So, how do you know who is the best criminal lawyer? This is an important question because if you're facing charges where:

  • you're looking at prison,
  • you're looking at probation,
  • you're looking at lifetime registration as a sex offender,
  • you're looking at over a decade in prison because you're involved with a lot of drugs,
  • you're looking at a robbery case with a gun,
  • you're looking at a minimum of 12 years.

The list goes on and on and on and on, so how do you figure out who to go to?

How Do You Know When You Have Found the Best Attorney?

Some people like to bargain shop, and I understand that, but you want the best for a criminal defense attorney.  That's why you've done this query.  That's why you're searching for the best, as you should. I could tell you once and say to you twice – you do it once, you do it right, and you never do it again. Fortunately for you, you've landed on a website where:

  • I write all of my content,
  • All of my videos are me,
  • I write my books, and
  • I do my own cases, and I win!

So, look no further if you're looking for the best criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles.  Let me explain to you why I believe I'm the best.  You'll have to decide for yourself, but I can tell you this: I've been doing it for 30 years.  I've covered every single angle of criminal defense.

What Are My Qualifications?

When I started pursuing my profession, I told myself I wanted to be the best.  What can I do?  Number one, I went to work for my opponent.  In 1992, I worked for the East LA District Attorney's office, where:

  • I was a certified law clerk,
  • I did preliminary hearings,
  • I did motions to suppress,
  • I met with all of the prosecutors and police,
  • I got to know the judges,
  • I got to know the head prosecutor there.

I immersed myself in the prosecuting agency to see and understand what they were all about. When I was done there, I went to the next step. 

I became a research attorney for a Superior Court Judge, and what that meant is, when I did his law and motion calendar, we were going through all of the cases, him and I. 

He would give me an idea of what he thought he wanted to do with each case.  He would hear my opinion, and then he would tell me to go and support whatever he and I decided on. 

So, I had to research.  I had to look.  I had to talk to people and figure out the angles, so when he made his ruling, the ruling was ironclad, and that came from an ironclad research attorney right by his side.

Staring My Criminal Law Firm

When I was finished there, I said you know what?  It's now time to put out your shingle.  It's now time to become the best criminal defense attorney there is.  What that meant to me is:

  • I would take any case, and I didn't care,
  • It didn't matter how much the people paid me,
  • I wanted to go to war,
  • I wanted to win,
  • I wanted to learn,
  • I wanted to do everything to represent my client to the highest level.

In the early 1990s, I started defending and trying cases. I tried criminal cases.  I tried civil cases.  I tried federal cases

I did everything possible to make myself the best criminal defense attorney possible. This included understanding the political scheme in Los Angeles criminal defense because it has the most significant criminal agency, the DA's office, the cases – in the world. 

Not just in LA, not just in California, not just in the United States – but in the world.  We have a huge population density.  You have to understand how that system works.

Member of the Judicial Nominations Commission

I went to work for the California State Bar while practicing criminal defense. What we did – and you can look it up – I'm not giving you any secret information here because that would be inappropriate.

Judicial Nominations Commission

What we did was we investigated people who wanted to be judges.  We investigated judges who wanted to go up to the next level. We did that for the governor of California and rated each one.

So, if you look up JNE Commission, the Judicial Nominations Commission, at the time I did it, there were 38 commissions. 

I was one of them.  We would investigate these judges.  We would look into their past.  We would interview them, meet with them, talk with them, and then rate them.

Now, I had the final political tenant of understanding how the judicial system works, how judges get appointed, and how things go down for my clients.  Since 1994, all I've done is eat, breathe and sleep criminal defense.

What About Plea Bargaining a Criminal Case?

Plea bargains with the prosecutor must be done in conjunction with your client.  You will look at the facts and circumstances surrounding the case, do any necessary investigation, and then use your experience to decide the best course of action.

What is Plea Bargaining a Criminal Case?

I think that's what the best attorneys do.  There are a lot of attorneys out there. All they do is resolve cases.  They can't go to a jury trial in a case. 

That's a huge weakness, and one of the best attorneys in Los Angeles will not have that weakness because you've got to be able to fight the prosecutors.  That does two things: 

  • they're not going to push your client around because they know you're going to fight them and beat them in the right case; and
  • the type of attorney that knows how to win a case will be able to properly negotiate it because they'll be able to point out the prosecutor's issues with a particular case.

That's one of the big things that the prosecutors have to consider when resolving a case: whether they could actually lose the case.  

What are the circumstances under which they can lose a case?  Are there any weaknesses in the case?  Is there anything they should do to resolve the case in favor of the defense?

So, if you want the best, you've come to the right place.  Let's sit down and talk about your case.  I will tell you the truth.  I will tell you what your best strategy is without holding any punches.  I need from you the truth about your case so I can best represent you.

So, look no further if you want somebody who is the complete package.  Pick up the phone now.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you. The Hedding Law Firm is located in Los Angeles, California, and offers a free case review by phone or using the contact form.