Armed Robbery Charges

I've been defending robbery charges under California Penal Code 211 PC now in Los Angeles for the past 27 years. This is a very serious crime because it's a strike. Anybody convicted of this particular crime will serve 85% of their sentence, whether a jail sentence or a prison sentence.  Nobody wants to have a strike on their record for the rest of their life.

So, if you or a loved one is charged with robbery, come and sit down with me.  Let's talk about what we can do to mitigate the circumstances. Either we're going to have to fight the case, or we're going to have to get you a lesser charge.  Nobody wants a robbery conviction.

Sometimes we're in the scenario where we're trying to keep you out of prison, so it just depends on where you are with your life, where you are with your criminal record, and exactly what happened.

If you're charged with robbery and a weapon was used, like a gun or a knife, they're going to treat that much more seriously than a strongarm robbery. The central courts prosecuting these robbery cases are San Fernando Court and San Fernando Court, and the Van Nuys court, Van Nuys court, five minutes from my office.

Defending Armed Robbery Charges in California

So, we have to see which courthouse we're in to decide on precisely what type of defense strategy we're going to employ.

We also need to see where you are.  Is it a situation where:

  • we're trying to get that not guilty verdict because there's a weak case filed against you and you're innocent, or
  • they've got the evidence against you, and we've got to do mitigation.

We've got to do damage control.  So, first, we have to see where we are, then we can decide exactly how we're going to attack your criminal case in Los Angeles.

Review of Evidence to Determine Best Defense Strategy

I've been doing this a long time.  I've worked for the DA's office. I've worked for a Superior Court Judge, and I've been a criminal defense attorney defending robbery cases in the San Fernando Valley now for the past 27 years:

  • I know what it takes to win;
  • I know what it takes to mitigate a case.

We need to have you come into my office and sit down in private and talk about where you are with your case. We must have to defend you properly and get you the result you need and precisely what the best strategy is for you.

That' snot always an easy decision.  It depends on several different factors. The critical thing is, you've got a defense attorney who will fight for you, be honest with you and tell you exactly where you stand if you're charged with a robbery case in the San Fernando Valley.

Elements of a Penal Code 211 Robbery Crime

To prove a robbery case in the Valley, or any other courthouse in Los Angeles County, the prosecutors are going to need to prove that:

Elements of a Penal Code 211 Robbery Crime
  • you took somebody's property, and
  • that when you took that property, you used force or violence.

That's what they need.  So sometimes someone can come up and snatch somebody's chain off their neck, and that can be a robbery.

Other times, somebody can use a gun or a knife to take another person's property away. So, we've got to look at the circumstances of your case and what evidence the prosecutors have to attempt to prove the case. I'm very good at assessing whether or not it's a good case or a weak case against you.

Negotiation for a Lesser Charge of PC 487 Grand Theft

The more evidence they have, the more likely we're going to have to take some negotiated plea.  The less evidence they have, the better position we are to get a not guilty verdict. Then there are those cases in between.  Often, when I'm trying to avoid a robbery conviction for a young defendant, for example, who has no criminal records.

Also, nobody was hurt, no gun was used; a lot of times, we can get Penal Code Section 487c, which is grand theft person.  That's much better than a robbery. It's not a strike.  It can be reduced to a misdemeanor at some point, and you're typically not going to be sent to prison for something like that.  So, let's talk about your circumstances,

Criminal Defense for California Robbery Charges

Come to a pro.  Come to an expert.  You don't want you or your loved one convicted of a robbery in Los Angeles if you can avoid it.

Criminal Defense for California Robbery Charges

You've got to do everything possible to protect your rights, reputation, freedom, and liberty. Pick up the phone.  Make the call now.  Ask to speak to Ron Hedding.

I'm ready to help you.  I've handled hundreds of robbery cases over the last 27 years, and I know what it takes to succeed.

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