Attorney Referral Program

San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense Attorney – “We have had a presence in Los Angeles since the 1970’s”


In my opinion, the best referrals I receive are from other attorneys or their staff members. Clients trust their attorneys and will listen to them when it comes to hiring a criminal defense attorney.

Therefore I make it a point to do everything I can to assist the client, achieve a great result for them and make sure they know that you cared enough about them and their situation to make sure they were taken care of the right way.

There are many different ways that I see cases come into the Hedding Law Firm. Sometimes the attorney or their staff just simply tell the client to call us and let us know who the referral came from.

Other times the attorney calls me directly (if I am in the office I will pick the phone up right away, otherwise you will hear back from me within an hour), we discuss the case and they then have the client contact me directly.

Sometimes, depending on the case, the referring attorney remains involved with the case and we work together to achieve the best result. When you contact us, just let us know how you want to handle the referral and we will make the process as smooth as possible.

The key to our success is years of experience and building connections with judges and prosecutors. In such a huge city, without connections, a criminal defense attorney will not be nearly as effective as a local defense attorney.

Having a good relationship with the other side and understanding the landscape of each courthouse make a huge difference for the client and really is one of the reasons I enjoy what I do so much!

If I could boil down what I believe makes me the best choice to refer to aside from experience and local connections, I would say that I truly enjoy what I do and a take a personal sense of satisfaction when I can help my clients and make their life better.


My law firm is one of the longest running in the San Fernando Valley. We are well known and respected in the criminal defense community by prosecutors, fellow attorneys and judges. I have established deep roots in the criminal defense community over the past 25 years.

I started my career working for one of the most busy District Attorney’s Offices in East Los Angeles. Litigating cases and getting a birds eye view of how the prosecutors stratigize and litigate their cases. In 1993, I worked for a high powered Los Angeles Superior Court Judge as his right hand man.

I researched case law for him, assisted in drafting tentative rulings and making crucial decisions related to the cases that he presided over. The final piece of the puzzle came in 1997, when I worked for the State Bar of California as a Commissioner, tasked with the job of investigating, interviewing and rating potential judicial candidates that the Governor of California was considering appointing to the Superior Court bench.

In 1994, I also decided to practice criminal defense exclusively at both the state and federal level and have been doing so ever since. I feel confident that my well rounded legal background will assist your client in achieving the results they need.

I encourage you to call me and we can discuss the situation and I will also make an appointment to meet with the client and begin the process of designing a plan to successfully resolve their matter.

The Hedding Law Firm has the knowledge and skill to do the extensive work and investigation required for a criminal case. We understand that our referrals will be based on past results and our credentials are simply unmatched in all of San Fernando Valley Courts.

Those who may benefit from our Attorney Referral Program are:

  • Attorneys that do not practice criminal defense;
  • Attorneys that do not have the necessary expertise and resources to handle a particular criminal case;
  • Attorneys from other jurisdictions that are unable to handle criminal cases in California.

Our attorneys have a combined 75 years of experience and we are well known and well respected all throughout San Fernando and Van Nuys, CA. If you would be interested in referring clients to us please contact us.