When it comes to hit and run cases, I’ve done a lot of them over the course of the last twenty-five years throughout San Fernando Valley. It’s unfortunate because a lot of people – if they would have just stayed there and exchanged information – they wouldn’t have a crime against them. You just put yourself in a bad position when you do that.

Assuming you have a hit and run case in San Fernando or Van Nuys, CA, there are strategies and I’ve gotten some very good results over the years. One of the first results that I’ll try to get, if it’s a legitimate hit and run – in other words, they have the evidence that shows my client was involved in a hit and run- obviously, if they don’t have that we’ll get the case dismissed.

Civil Compromise in San Fernando Valley Hit and Run Cases

But, if they have the information, and that really just has to do with you not turning over your information to the other party after an accident and leaving the scene of the crime.

So, what we’ll do is try to get what’s called a “civil compromise,” where we get the other party to sign a document saying that they don’t want you prosecuted and basically, if they sign that document and we give it to the prosecutors and the prosecutors agree, then the hit and run case will be dismissed as part of the civil compromise.

This basically means you worked things out with the other party. That’s one good strategy with a great result because you end up with no conviction, no mark on your record and you can move on with your life.

Diversion Strategy to Avoid Hit and Run Conviction

There are other strategies. There are diversionary strategies, where you basically would plead to something and then we put the case over for a period of time, have you do some community service, and then end up getting the case dismissed.

A lot of this centers around you being able to make the victim whole. In other words, if you get in an accident and you have insurance and the insurance company covers it, that would make the victim whole and then you would be in a position where you could have that hit and run off of your record.

If you don’t have insurance, then obviously you’re going to have to pay the money. You’re going to be ordered to pay it either way. But being able to pay it in a quick manner or being able to pay it up front is definitely a good strategy in a hit and run case.

Consult with an Experienced Criminal Law Firm

So, if you have one of these cases, set up a face to face meeting with our criminal lawyers. We’ll sit down and go over everything. We get a lot of great results in the hit and run cases. Another thing that I see a lot is people with hit and run warrants in the system.

If you have this scenario, get in immediately. We can get the warrant out of the system, usually within days, get yourself taken care of for you and then you don’t’ have to worry about it anymore or be looking over your shoulder. Get the warrant out of the system and get out of the criminal justice system as fast as humanly possible.

I’ve done a lot of hit and run cases over many years, and a lot of times it’s not as bad as it seems and there are different strategies and angles that can be employed to your benefit on these hit and run cases so you can get out of the system as fast as possible and get your matter dismissed.

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