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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm have a genuine interest in helping juveniles go into adulthood with a clear record.

A new law in California has made it easier to seal and destroy juvenile records. Any minor who is sentenced to probation in juvenile court is eligible to seal their record once off probation, and reach 18 years old or if five years have passed since termination of probation, so long as the underlying offense qualifies.

Every minor eligible to seal their record must be provided with step by step instruction at the time they are put on probation.

By 2015, an easy to do form is to be provided to the juvenile and family as well.

The only thing is there are a variety of offenses that are not eligible to get sealed and destroyed. For example, if the minor is over 14 years old and was charged with second degree robbery or assault with a deadly weapon, he or she will not be eligible to have their record seal and destroyed.

If your child is in a criminal situation, it is very important and essential that you contact our firm and speak to one of our lawyers. We want to help your child and do everything we can to avoid conviction or seal and destroy any existing convictions.

We will talk with you further in detail and explain whether the criminal offense your child has on his or her record is sealable and let you know all available options.

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