I’ve handled a lot of embezzlement-related offenses in the San Fernando Valley courts.  What they’re really going to have to prove is the person that’s being targeted or investigated or arrested, stole money from an employer.

Embezzlement under California Penal Code 503 really has to do with somebody who is in a position of trust, like a manager for a business, and then that person ends up either diverting funds their way.

It also includes  stealing funds, giving funds to somebody else, giving property to somebody else, having property sent to their own location — it depends on what the scenario is.

Showing Something of Value was Taken From Employer

How Prosecutors Prove an Embezzlement Case in Los Angeles

Prosecutors prove a Penal Code 503 PC embezzlement case by showing something of value was taken by someone with employee relationship.

The typical way to prove these cases is, first that the person took something of value from their employer.

Second, that there’s an employer/employee relationship there, and usually they’re not going to prosecute somebody for embezzlement unless it involves a decent amount of funds or goods that are being stolen.

So, it’s fairly simple to prove these cases if the police and prosecutors have the evidence.

Sometimes there are computer crimes.  Sometimes I’ve had clients that work for different businesses like USP for example or other big entities.

I’ve had people who embezzled money who work for a mortuary.  I’ve had low-level employees do it.  I’ve had higher-level managers involved in embezzlement.

I’ve also seen embezzlement cases not just prosecuted at the state level in one of the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles courts, but also at the federal level.

If the theft is significant enough and there’s enough money involved and it involves a high-enough level of sophistication, there’s a strong likelihood that the federal government will pick the case up.

Penalties for Penal Code 503 PC Embezzlement

So, they present the evidence that the person took the goods or funds and then they show the person worked for a particular entity and that’s really how they prove an embezzlement case.

I think there’s a lot more of concern when it comes to embezzlement cases because you could be sent into custody for a significant period of time depending on how much value the property was that you allegedly embezzled.

One big way that I’ve seen people avoid jail time/custody time is to be able to pay back the value of the goods or money that was taken, especially if we can pay the money back up front.

That puts us in a pretty strong position to negotiate a favorable resolution in an embezzlement case.

The reason that is, is because one of the primary jobs of the prosecutors in these embezzlement-related offenses is to make the alleged victim whole — in other words, get them back their property/money, whatever the case may be.

If they can do that, and the quicker they can do that, the better.

Experienced Embezzlement Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

So, if you have an embezzlement case in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, whether it’s at the state or federal level, I’ve handled thousands of these cases over the many years that I’ve practiced criminal defense.

Experienced Embezzlement Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Call our law firm to review best strategy to fight your PC 503 embezzlement charges.

I have a pretty good strategy and pretty good idea of exactly the best way to handle these cases.

One of the first things we need to do is to figure out if it’s the type of case that needs to be defended where we fight the case and try to show that you are innocent.

We need to decide whether it’s a case where the prosecutors have the evidence they need and are going to be able to prove the case against you.

So, our best strategy is to try to mitigate the situation, get character letters, figure out how we can get your business paid back the money that was taken, even if we have to get you some time to be able to get that money.

We need to try to get it paid back if we want to end up with the best possible resolution related to your embezzlement case.

I would suggest picking up the phone, make a call and we can meet and to over everything and figure out the best strategy to get you the best resolution for your embezzlement case.

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Best Strategy if You’re Charged with Embezzlement