Parents Looking for a Criminal Attorney for Their Child

Posted by Ronald D. HeddingAug 17, 2019

I've handled thousands of criminal cases across Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley in the last twenty-five years. I know that when a parent has a child in trouble and they're in another state or if they're in California, t's not easy to choose a defense attorney with experience dealing with juvenile crimes.

So, if you're an out-of-state parent and are looking for an attorney or if you're a parent in California – I've got four kids.  I know what it means to try to protect those you love, especially those who have gone astray. Sometimes sons and daughters make mistakes.  They get themselves wrapped up in drugs.

Los Angeles Juvenile Crime Defense Lawyer

Maybe they have a mental illness — whatever the case may be, you need somebody that can sept in and act as a parent would when someone is charged with a crime. You can't do it because you're either not skilled enough to be an attorney to be able to defend your child, or you're out-of-state and know nothing of the system that your son or daughter finds themselves in, so that's where I come in.

I've been doing this a long time.  I know what it takes to win.  I know what it takes to help those young people who have gone astray.  So, if you need an attorney in San Fernando or Van Nuys, CA – you're out-of-state; you're in-state; you're in Los Angeles — wherever you are, pick up the phone.  Make the call.

Most of the time, I can get on the phone within a relatively short period.  You can break down the case for me, let me know what happened, and why you think your loved one has been arrested.  I will then put my resources, skills, and experience to work for you — find out where your child is, what they're charged with, what the bail is, and what it's going to take to bring them home to you.

Sometimes that's not easy.  Sometimes they've committed grave crimes, and they need somebody who's been down the road that you're about to travel, who's had success, who knows what it takes to win, who knows what it takes to help a parent out from one parent to another.

If you need help, if your child's in trouble, pick up the phone and give Ron Hedding a call.  I've been doing this a long time.  I know what it takes to get the result you're looking for.  I know what it takes to help your child. I know what it takes to get your child out of the criminal justice system as quickly as possible and bet your bottom dollar that they're wrapped up in a callous bureaucracy with seasoned prosecutors and used to dealing with individuals who commit crimes.

With over a thousand prosecutors in Los Angeles, when your son or daughter is in trouble, you'll need somebody who can fight back to get their version of events across to the prosecutor and the judge.

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They can get the good things about them out there — character letters, people who know them that have a job, and let the prosecutor know what's going on with that person — why do they find themselves in this position and set up a game plan moving forward.

That's the crucial thing — figure out what it will take to solve this problem.  Get your child out of custody.  Get your child back in a position where they can lead a good life, back to you, back to their loved ones — get them out of harm's way. Get them out of the bureaucracy that sometimes poses. Pick up the phone.  Make the call now to the Hedding Law Firm.  Let me put my talents to work for you and your child.