Bail for Criminal Cases in Los Angeles

Posted by Ronald D. HeddingOct 24, 2020

Getting Released From Custody on Own Recognizance. Because of the Coronavirus, the Supreme Court Justice of the California Supreme Court has ruled that all bail in Los Angeles county is zero.  There are some exceptions to this rule related to more severe cases like murder, sex crime cases, people who have strikes on their record.

But for the most part, you're in a pretty good position as far as bail goes in a Los Angeles County criminal case. Most of the time, the judge will set the bail at zero, and you will be released.  Also, the police realize that there is an emergency bail order in place.

Therefore, even though they arrest you and deal with you for a crime, they will often give you a citation to appear in court at a future date. Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys will cover this topic below.

Getting Released From Custody on Own Recognizance
Due to Cornoavirus, you might be get released own recognizance and given a citation to appear in court.

They will release you on your recognizance, meaning they will release you and make you sign a ticket to appear in court, so if you don't appear, you can be arrested later. 

So, if you have been arrested and you're concerned at the court appearance that you might have to post bail, that's the exact reason that you need an experienced San Fernando Valley criminal defense attorney.

My office in Encino has been operating in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley since the early 1990s. I have a lot of experience dealing with criminal cases. Specifically, arguing bail to keep out of custody, not have to pay a bail bonds person money, and defend yourself from the streets.  That's crucial.

Seeking To Keep You Out Of Custody

It's horrible when you're in custody because you're concerned about the Coronavirus and your safety as you appear in court. So many people will make foolish decisions when they appear in court because they are so stressed to get out of custody.

Seeking To Keep You Out Of Custody in Los Angeles
Our goal is to keep you out of custody, go over all the evidence, and let you fight the case from the streets.

But, if we can get you out on bail, we can fight your case from the streets go over all the evidence. Then we have a definite possibility to keep you out of custody, especially in today's day and age.

I think bail is so important because if you can stay out of custody from the beginning, that gives you the best chance of not going back into custody when it comes time to do your sentencing and resolve your case. If, on the other hand, you're in custody, you could stay in custody for an extended period, a lot of people who are not able to be bailed out are ending up not even being able to come to their court appearance.

This is because they get quarantined in the LA County jail, whether it be twin towers, downtown CJ or Wayside. Often, they're not even making it to court, which makes it very difficult for their defense attorney to defend them and put themselves in a position to get out of custody eventually.

Call the Hedding Law Firm If Arrested For a Crime

Call the Hedding Law Firm If Arrested For a Crime
Call our law frim to review all the details on your arrest.

So, if you are arrested or a loved one of yours is arrested, and you have a court date in the San Fernando Valley area in one of the courthouses there, you've come to the right place.  Pick up the phone.  Make the call.

Ask to speak to Ron Hedding immediately of the Hedding Law Firm.  I stand at the ready to help you. I will fight for you or your loved one to get out of custody so you can fight your case from the street and end up with a successful result in your criminal case.

Our criminal defense law firm is located in the San Fernando Valley area of LA County. We offer a free case review at (213) 542-0940, or fill out our contact form.