Status of the Coronavirus in the Criminal Courts

Posted by Ronald D. HeddingAug 10, 2021

The Public is Now Permitted in the Courts. I've been moving around in all of the Los Angeles criminal courts since the Coronavirus. The courthouses have only closed for one day. Otherwise, they've been open for a lot of different businesses.  As it currently stands and making this post in August 2021, we have a situation where all public is allowed in the courthouse.

That only changed recently. They were only letting in the defendants and the criminal attorneys to defend them, the court staff, judges, and public defenders. But now, the entire public is permitted inside the courthouse.  You have to wear a mask. Surprisingly, masks are still a requirement in all parts of the courthouse.

Status of the Coronavirus in the Los Angeles Criminal Courts

I talked to one of the judges, and she indicated they just had a meeting and are trying to figure out who is vaccinated. This is so because they can set up some system where the judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and court staff will not have to wear a mask to prove that they're vaccinated.

So, they're trying to do something where some of these other locations say you can come in as long as you're vaccinated. However, they don't check; there's no way to confirm whether people moving in and out are vaccinated.

Mask Protocol and Elevators

One big problem with a lot of these courthouses is the elevators are tiny.  Not all of them are operating right. There are too many people inside the courthouse for the elevators, so people are right on top of each other. So, that's probably a big reason why they still have the mask protocol in place, and it looks like the masking protocol will be in place for quite some time.

Jury Trials

Jury trials have resumed and are moving ahead at a relatively rapid pace, but the bottom line is they have to be able to get jurors in the courthouse. I think that's going to start happening as people have been vaccinated.  So, criminal law in Los Angeles county is back, and most players are there.

Police are Making Arrest Again

People are being arrested again at massive numbers as far as I can see, talking to my colleagues and the caseload and talking to public defenders and prosecutors. I think many things are going on right now that will cause the police to start arresting many people.

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