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The main hub office of the Hedding Law Firm is in Encino, CA. It has been there for over twenty-five years. This is a beautiful location in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in an all-glass building on Ventura and Gaviota.

The building itself is famous for a number of different movies that have been filmed there – including Scarface. There’s a number of scenes where money is being brought into the bank at the lower level of the building and a number of other movies have been filmed at that location.

The penthouse is a beautiful suite with floor to ceiling windows and some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the state of California have had office space at that location. Currently, the Hedding Law Firm is based out of there and has been so for many, many years — well-known to our clients for working hard and getting results in criminal cases throughout Los Angeles.

Although we do a lot of cases in the San Fernando Valley, including Malibu when it was open, Van Nuys Court, San Fernando Court, Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena, we also do a number of cases throughout Los Angeles County which stretches from Lancaster to Long Beach and all over the LAX court down on the west side which handles most of the criminal cases that are filed in that location.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Fernando Valley, California

So, if you have a criminal case and are looking for an attorney who has a strong presence in the San Fernando Valley and is in all of those courts, then our law firm is definitely one that can help you and get you the best possible result.

So, call and set up an appointment in our Encino address. You can see the famous penthouse suite and the building where many movies have been filmed and you can also get the best legal representation for your criminal matter and get the result that you must have.

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