Defending Domestic Violence Cases in San Fernando Court

Posted by Ronald D. HeddingJun 20, 2023

Let's review what you should know about domestic violence cases in the San Fernando courthouse. If you or a loved one has a domestic violence case pending in this court, you want to make sure that you hire an attorney local to that courthouse. 

In other words, they know the courthouse, practice there, and know the prosecutors, and the court staff, because that gives a person good insight into exactly how the system works.   You should know that having an attorney with experience in San Fernando court is crucial to a successful defense.

Another thing you should know is that when you show up in court for your arraignment, it's likely that the judge and prosecutor will order you to stay 100 yards away from whomever it is you're involved with in the domestic violence case, which is called a protective order.

So, if that's your significant other and you live with that person, you will be effectively kicked out of your house while the case is pending. 

Common California Domestic Violence Charges

In California, some of the most common charges related to domestic violence include the following:

Limiting the Damage

Another thing to be cognizant of is whether or not you have a defense to the case.  If you don't have a defense, obviously, you'll want to start getting some character letters and mitigation information.

Defending Domestic Violence in San Fernando Court
You need an experienced defense lawyer to obtain the best result in a domestic violence case.

You're going to want to hire an attorney right away so you can start to plan how you will lessen the damages to you.  It really should be a situation if you have to be involved in a domestic violence case; you do it once, you do it right, and you never do it again.

Pick up the phone now.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I have the experience to defend you, but we must put the roadmap together early.  Even if you're going to fight the case, you're entirely innocent. 

Maybe there's a divorce pending, and your significant other is trying to get an up on you. Whatever the case, you still want to get an attorney immediately because you want to do your investigation. 

You want to prepare your evidence.  You want to ensure that nothing gets away from your attorney while you're waiting to go to court that can later be used to help you.

Victim Can't Drop the Charges

So, don't be fooled by people who say, oh well, my significant other now says that they don't want me to be prosecuted, so I should be fine.  That would be a foolish move because the prosecutors know that the significant other starts to feel bad for the person in a good percentage of the cases. 

Maybe that person is their only source of income.  They've got children together – whatever the case may be – so now they want to retract their statement. 

They want to retract the charges.  But, you've got to know it's not them against you.  It's the people of the state of California against you.  It's the police and prosecutors who are going to champion the case, and domestic violence is such a political issue, especially in a San Fernando courthouse.

It would be best to have an attorney with experience who can do the things necessary to defend you best. Pick up the phone now.  Make the call.  We're ready to assist you.

Planning a Defense Strategy

So, you want to take preventive measures right off the top.  Get a plan on how you will deal with the case so you know what will happen to you, and you can make some moves to lessen the damage.

That's where we come in.  I've been doing this now for 30 years in that courthouse.  I remember practicing there when the Northridge earthquake hit, and the courthouse was messed up, and they had to move the court appearances to a different outbuilding near the courthouse. 

So, I've got much experience in this courthouse.  I've also worked for a superior court judge.  I've worked for the district attorney's office and defended people like you since the early 1990s.

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